KONMAY 25 Yards Solid Round 2.0mm Distressed Brown Genuine/Real Leather Cord Braiding String (2.0mm, Distressed Brown) KONAMY KMRL020DB

KONMAY 25 Yards Solid Round 2.0mm Distressed Brown Genuine/Real Leather Cord Braiding String (2.0mm, Distressed Brown) KONAMY KMRL020DB

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  • Genuine cowhide leather for jewelry design, crafting, apparel, decoration and more.
  • Quantity: 1 Roll / Length: 25 yards
  • Size in approx. 2.0mm
  • Color: Distressed Brown
  • More than 30 different colors available

Size:2.0mm  |  Color:Distressed Brown

Description This spool of round colored leather cord is made from genuine natural cowhide leather material. It can be used for jewelry making, beading craft, or other crafting projects. Best for the bracelet and necklace making. KONMAY carries broad selections of leather string colors, which include near 40 different colors for your choosing. The thickness selections of the leather cords are 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, and 5.0mm. Shape in solid round, flat and bolo braided. We also take pride in making products carrying our brand. This spool of cowhide leather cord carries a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. No questions will be asked if you want to return it. Please note that this cord is best for the jewelry projects, but not good for the others like shoe lacing or any other needs high extension requirements

This is the third roll of this brand of leather I've purchased. The first was mostly good so I bought this product again with major disappointment.. and I sent it back. I gave them a second chance by purchasing a third roll.. and again.. the leather is not round.. it has square unfinished rough looking edges and major inconsistencies throughout the roll... At least in the first few yards I unraveled. There is no way this has a functional use..it's that bad. The are so many weak spots, it's entirely unusable. I added the best pictures I could to show you what I'm describing.
By Amber Clark September 29, 2017
I'm not a happy customer! I bought this leather line to put a pendant on, to make a simple necklace out of. No matter how much line you use, if you were to tie any knot (square knot or bowline in my case), the line would just slip right out! Cinching the line is simply not possible with this product. After trying a few times, the second major flaw of this product came to light - the line is very weak and snaps apart quite easily. Other leather rope I've had in the past would endure all sorts of tugging and pulling, but this line can't even take a little tug without parting easily.
By Sean Michael Bach July 18, 2017
This leather cord is exactly as pictured. The smell is great and the cord will be wonderful for necklaces or detailing leather work. This is probably not intended to support a lot of tension, so try to have realistic expectations. I wouldn’t use these for shoelaces or other applications which require more strength. It’s beautiful cord, just test the weight before you begin your project.
By Barron M. February 25, 2018
I loved the look of this product but wanted to use it for some macrame crafts and because of the finish on it, it kept slipping through my fingers and I had a hard time getting my knots too hold. I wouldn't recommend this for macrame of any kind, but gave it a high rating because it looks nice and I intend to come up with another project to use it for.
By Interest June 6, 2017
5-star cording, but 1-star color --- extra-shiny medium gray, not "metallic silver". It doesn't look at all good with the silver pendants I bought it for so I have no use for this roll of cord
By A. Buyer September 28, 2016
A lot less flexible than I was expecting. I make necklace cords that adjust via 2 sliding knots, and it’s hard to get this stuff to hold a tight enough knot for that to work. Tried softening it with warm water and conditioner, but that didn’t work. I’ll have to figure out something else to do with this stuff, because it won’t work for my necklaces.
By Stephanie February 10, 2018
This leather is not great quality for necklaces or bracelets. It has a harsh feel to it like sand paper. It would be ok for other purposes I guess. It does make nice knots but I only give 2 stars because it lacks quality for jewelry.
By Elizabeth K. October 26, 2016
This round leather cord is some of the best I have ever used! I got the metallic pink (looks just like picture) and it brings a bit of added bling to my jewelry creations without it looking over done.

After ordering the metallic pink I ordered more in other colors with equal results.

You won't be dissapointed!
By Montessorimom March 21, 2018