Pro Art lLnIJN 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set, 2Pack of Pencil Set 3078

Pro Art lLnIJN 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set, 2Pack of Pencil Set 3078

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9.38" x 9.38" x 0.25"

  • Drawing set, also great for beginners
  • 18-piece set X 2
  • Additional two sharpeners and two erasers in each set
  • Holding and toggle clamps included to keep wood steady and ensure precise cuts every time

Size:2 Sets

2 SETS. Pro Art drawing pencils are equally capable of producing quick sketches or finely worked drawings. Set contains 18 pieces: eight graphite pencils, three charcoal pencils, one sketch stick, two charcoal sticks, one pencil sharpener, one charcoal sharpener, one kneaded eraser and one white plastic eraser.

These pencils were exactly what I was looking for as I teach myself how to draw. None of the pencils cane broken. The sharpener that's included was great for the pencils. Often times little sharpeners tend to ruin the pencils but this one did not. The package that the pencils come in is good for keeping them organized. The gummy eraser is perfect for erasing darker lines that the white eraser can't pick up. I've really enjoyed these pencils and am almost ready to order another set. I use them a lot and the 6b and 8b pencils are almost to small to use now. Overall great product I highly recommend to beginners like myself.
By mew November 11, 2015
Really enjoying this set! My only complaint is that on certain pencils, while sharpening, I've had leads break off a few times before they finally sharpened properly(even when I was careful)- Other than that, this kit has been so much fun to use and I've learned alot about shading techniques through using it! Give it a shot!

Update: I've been using these pencils for well over a year now and am loving them. I'm adding a picture of one of my drawings to my review!
By Brittany September 16, 2014
-This is a professional grade, 18-piece drawing set that is even great for beginners.
-This set contains eight pencils, three charcoal pencils, one sketch stick, two charcoal sticks, two sharpeners, and two kneaded erasers.
-Don't be confused about the gradients on the pencils or charcoals; "B" stands for "black" or "soft"; "H" stands for "hard"; "F" is an intermediate between HB and H. There are 12 pencils; 8B-6B-4B-2B-HB-F-H-2H-Charcoal 2B-Charcoal 4B-Charcoal 6B-Sketch Stick 6B.
-If you're unused to using a kneaded eraser, it's flexible and easy to manipulate to include negative space in your drawings, in addition to simply removing mistakes. It doesn't leave behind mess like a normal eraser and can be used again and again.
-The case of this particular set is ideal. I haven't run into any trouble with broken leads inside the pencils due to poor handling.
-The case is reusable, if you wish to store the items there.
-The sharpener is decent but as with any sharpener, over time and use you will either need to replace the blade or the sharpener.

I enjoy pushing my values, contrast, adding texture and negative space in my drawings, this is an excellent set at a very good price. I like portraits and detail and have enjoyed using this set. I've been able to achieve the results I'm looking for.
If you're a beginning artist and want to get started, there's nothing better or cheaper than a pencil, piece of paper, and an eraser. This set is ideal.
By cakewalkingmother January 22, 2016
My daughter bought this for her best friend, as she is an artist. Then she sent her best friend a selfie of her and her friend recreated it using these pencils. It's amazing so I attached the photo here.
By Lee December 19, 2015
I have bought very expensive set of pencils that I do not like the way they 'feel' when I draw across paper, but these are smooth and comfortable I will be getting another set when I need them and I do not have to spend 20.00 or more on pencils or others I do not like.

For those who do not know about drawing pencils. There are different numbers and letters at the bottom of the pencils. I use the 2H for light sketching and to draw from the object to the vanishing point because the pencil is light on the paper and it erases easy. Then When I want to darken the lines I use the 2B which is the lightest of the B's for shading I use all the B's which are dark and for the darkest shadows I use 6B which gives the darkest shadow and good for stippling, (dots close together for dark shadowing and further apart for lighter shadowing).

I hope this makes sense for you. I am awful at explaining things.
By Michelle Huss April 26, 2011
I love these pencils. These are my first set of actual drawing pencils. I normally just use a regular #2. I had to teach myself the different variants and their usage. I am quite impressed with everything and have no complaints.
By Chantal Williams January 7, 2017
I'm just learning to draw, so take my review with a grain of salt, but these pencils are working great for me so far. I wish there was a slightly harder 4H pencil with the set, but other than that it's great for getting started.
By David Clark May 17, 2015
Does very well with shading. Created several pieces with these pencils and it turned out amazing.
By Keilani Steele February 10, 2016