Ruifan 18G 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm Round Diamond CZ Nose Screw Studs Rings Piercing Jewelry 4PCS BD00752

Ruifan 18G 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm Round Diamond CZ Nose Screw Studs Rings Piercing Jewelry 4PCS BD00752

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  • Secure Four Prong-set CZ Part is Securely Inlaid and Will Not Loose Easily As Other Piercing.
  • Gauge: 18g(1.0mm); Pin Length:6.5mm;Cubic Zirconia size: 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm
  • Material: 316L surgical steel + Cubic Zirconia
  • It's the best gift for you ,lover, friends and so on.
  • Package include:4pcs nose studs(each size one piece), come with one free gift velvet bag.

Product description

This nose stud is constructed of high quality Surgical grade Stainless Steel.
Due to the camera and the computer screen showing, the color will be a little different, please kindly understand.>

These nose screws were exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something to replace my genuine diamond ones because I’m always losing them. The gauge thickness and size of stones are perfect. I love the 1.5 and 2mm ones. I’ve uploaded a photo. I’m wearing the 2mm one.
By Phyllis April 18, 2018
They are so great! A little thicker than I’m used too but it still works perfectly! No gems fallin out or anything wrong! Ignore the bad reviews ! I highly recommend these and they come in a cute little adjustable bag.
By Jaden Taggart January 24, 2018
I bought these as an option for my nose ring. I wanted something smaller because I'm an older woman and I wanted it to look dainty. These came in a cute blue suede satchel. The tiny one is truly very very tiny and although I loved it enough to try to fit it in, it just didn't cooperate with me get it in to position. But that's not product error. I just stated that to express how super tiny it was. Lastly, the sparkle of the stone is worth mentioning as well because it wasn't dull.
By Tenaciously Bookish August 31, 2018
I love nose screws but since my nose healed the screw I got pierced with was too long and kept poking out. I had also tried L shaped but I got ones that were too short and would move around easily or too long and stick inside my nose. This was the perfect compromise. They're made for healed noses because they're shorter and they don't stick out or feel uncomfortable. Great buy.
By Nate June 11, 2018
These studs are great quality. They are the perfect size and the stones sparkle a lot.
By Jess October 19, 2017
I am super bummed...but you may love these...
The one I really wanted to wear was a 20g and all the others were between 18/19 g. Also the lengths varied between 6-7 mms & they are suppose to be 6.5 mm. I am also bummed because the cz’s Sit up higher than I would like. I prefer a flusher look on my nostril.

Cons: Not 18g, not all 6.5mm, VS setting sits high
Pros: Good Price & Shiny
By Elizabeth Dorman April 18, 2018
I was skeptical when I was reading the reviews but I’m so happy I purchased! They fit in my piercing just fine, a normal nose gauge is 20G so these fit perfectly. The jewelry looks good for the price, I got the gold ones and the gold doesn’t rub off or irratate my skin at all. I have sensitive skin and went from having a real gold nose ring to this stud (had to get the ring out for nursing exams). My old stud stuck out farther in my nose which I hated but this one is so lightweight I don’t have that problem anymore
By Kayleejay March 8, 2018
These ended up being pretty good for the price - they're definitely a little cheap looking (costume diamonds) but the two smaller sizes make that less noticeable. Good quality for the price and the screw shape definitely keeps them in!
By Stacey Ashton February 5, 2018