Womens Girls Winter Wool Knit Gloves Warm Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves Mitten Xmas Present Long/Medium/Short Sleeve

Womens Girls Winter Wool Knit Gloves Warm Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves Mitten Xmas Present Long/Medium/Short Sleeve

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  • Premium soft warm faux fur knitting wool
  • Imported
  • Ultra soft, comfortable and warm faux fur
  • Featuring skin-friendly, soft, stretchy, comfortable and warm. Be an elegant and stylish lady right now!
  • Fashion fingerless style, not only for keeping arm&hand warm but also for flexible use when do working, Wonderful!
  • Great accessories for protecting your hands and arms from cold/winds in winter. Suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as Wedding, Birthday, Cosplay, Ceremony, Evening Party, Outdoor Sports, etc
  • Size available: Long/Medium/Short. Long-55cm, Medium-20cm, Short-14cm. High quality and exquisite workmanship guarantee! Nice stitching
  • An awesome gift for Christmas Day, Birthday, Vital Festival, New Year, Ceremony, Evening Party, etc. Don't miss it, just come on!

The first pair I received had a rather large hole where the seam either came undone or was not closed in the first place. That said, after I contacted the seller they sent me a replacement pair. Sadly, they were out of stock for the black ones I ordered, and instead I agreed to let them replace them with a white pair. They are VERY lovely, soft and warm! They did smell unpleasant when they arrived, but that is the case with many new clothing items and they simply needed to be washed. I suggest hand washing and line drying in order to keep them looking nice. overall, I am very happy with this purchase of arm warmers. Mine are quite long as described and they are very soft (after being washed). My arms are not really large, but definitely not petite and these fit snug, but comfortably.

My order came from "Greenery US" and they have AWESOME customer service! :D
By Gamer Girl March 3, 2016
Soft and warm! I was worried these wouldn't pull up over my fat elbows but they did just fine! (My arms are the first thing to store fat because I apparently offended whatever god is out there, sleeves are constantly an issue). I don't have the most elegant hands on the planet, but they are pretty small and I had a little issue with the fur being too tight (I'm 5'2.5" and they fit my body size wise. I do work with lotsa tools and wreck my hands up a lot so they are pretty boxy and thick). I can absolutely still wear them, the fur part just doesn't stretch and isn't huge. The fur it's self is a teensy bit cheap feeling, but it's definitely not like straw, and you can't tell by looking at them. They look just perfect!
By Harley S. January 5, 2017
I love these because they keep my arms so warm. They keep out the extra wind from blowing up my coat sleeves. I live in Wisconsin so it's a great investment. I read in a review before I bought them that thry stink in the beginning & thry do. However, if you wash them or just spray perfume on them it'll go away completely!
By Ja'Lisa December 25, 2017
These fit perfectly and are of great quality for the price.
By A.Sheehan January 5, 2017
The fur looks a little less plush in person
By dnovacek December 20, 2017
My wife loved these. Super warm, not too tight, and they do not itch your skin like most sweaters. These are super sexy, and the poofy cuffs really make to look.
By T. Stanley Mcginnis April 14, 2016
it was a little hard to find the holes for the thumbs at first. they are beautiful comfy and warm. I absolutely love these!
By GRB November 22, 2017
Very nice material! Fits around my arms perfectly and they are warm!
By Kelly Jacobson January 24, 2017