Krinkle Chlorine Resistant Women's High Neck Tank 13X_2015

Krinkle Chlorine Resistant Women's High Neck Tank 13X_2015

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  • High neckline with back clasp closure
  • Tummy control panel
  • Supportive Soft Cup Bra
  • Chlorine proof textured 100% polyester fabric
  • Most women go UP one size over their dress size

Product description

This comfortable suit is perfect for water aerobics! It features a portrait back for added support tummy control panel and supportive soft cup bra. Made from our Krinkle® polyester CHLORINE PROOF fabric.

I work out in a pool and have the racerback style of Krinkle suit, which I love. I thought I would try this one as well and love it just as much. The fit is great for me, keeps everything in place while I am splashing around in the water and doesn't ride up. The color is beautiful as well. As a side note I have started to notice so many other women wearing this brand at the pool and have started asking questions about them. Suits that i thought were brand new are over 2 years old and don't look faded at all! One woman said she was only replacing hers because the liner was starting to wear. I am so impressed by these suits. The other thing I love about them is the colors. I have the green in my other suit and the purple in this one. They are both gorgeous colors. I've seen the women in the pool in the berry, aqua blue and the spice colored ones, besides the black ones and now I want to get those too. Bathing suits have always been my nemesis but I just love these.
By SMW May 9, 2017
Purchased this after someone in my water aerobics class recommended a "Krinkle suit"...I had been complaining about having to replace my bathing suits, "again"...said her Krinkle was 8 years old and she uses it 3 times per week!! She did say that the lining will get baggy inside, but the outside, over the YEARS, will only relax a little in its Krinkliness, as it is made of 100% polyester, and not Spandex. I have bought two, and alternate them; they fit nicely, nothing to pull down or reposition; this cut is modest and stays in place, no hanky panky!! The easy-to-secure hook and loop closure sits high at the back of the neck, so no contortionism or help is needed. It looks classy, feels great, and since I got it, have met several more women with Krinkle suits, all enthusiastic life customers! It even looks fine under daywear; looks like a quality high-neck tank top. I expect to keep this for a while; very happy!
By Betsy C. March 19, 2018
I’m an elderly lady with arthritis. I work out in a physical therapy pool. The chlorine water relaxes the swim suit material. The store bought spandex suits lasts about three months in the pool before they are too stretched out to wear. After a year of wearing the chlorine resistant swimsuit, the material is stretching out. I first had a standard style with mostly bare back. When the suit started to stretch the straps started to fall down off my shoulders. The first suit I had, I cut and sewed the straps shorter. That got me over another half year. This time I bought the high neck suit. There is a hook to hold the straps up and the high neck makes sure the breast area is covered while doing exercises. This suit is lighter in weight than the one I had before, which I like. Will most definitely buy again.
By Allen L Metzger Sr. February 4, 2015
Vibrant color. After over a month of daily swims in chlorinated pool, still same color. Looks slimming and moves great. Fabric is durable. Only complaint, if any, is I do water aerobics and rubbing my arms against the strong fabric has given my underarm rug burn tupe injury at times. I try to keep my arms farther out from my body to avoid it. But with the durability and continued excellent shape of suit...I can deal with one downside. A normal swimmer should have no trouble as when I lap swim, no issues.
By Jennilee C. Baewer July 24, 2018
This suit is one of the sturdiest things I have ever put on. So bear that in mind. The fabric is very thick and would probably wear like iron. The fit was the problem for me. The bottom of the suit is quite snug while the top is quite big. If you are top heavy, this might be the suit for you, but even though I wear a size D bra, I found the cups to be too large. I ordered a plus size, so this might not apply to the smaller sizes. It does have good coverage in the leg area.
By Lillie December 22, 2014
FINALLY a swimsuit I can feel confident in!! It has the coverage I want, keeps "everything" in place, and is flattering not frumpy! This suit is true to size, a perfect fit. The material is fabulous - soft, not stiff. Saying goodbye to swimming with shorts!
By Secretary July 12, 2014
I like this suit, Krinkle suits are more fitted when wet, however it will sag in the behind and the bust have minimal support for heavy chested women (specifically in this suit)...however the Orange color ROCKS!!! Also, it stands up to chlorine as advertised!!!
By Stephanie August 29, 2017
This is my 2nd suit. The first one lasted a year after using it 5 days a week. The krinkle fabric was still good after a year (no fading, minimal stretching), but the lining was all stretched out probably by the 9th or 10th month. Always wish the chest support was better, but it is adequate. Love the high neck for water aerobics.
By MB Miller January 30, 2018