Girls Ballet Leg Warmers Stretch Knit Made In USA by KD dance New York Age 4-9

Girls Ballet Leg Warmers Stretch Knit Made In USA by KD dance New York Age 4-9

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  • Made in USA
  • Sold In Two Sizes, 6 Inch Ankle To Calf Size with Thumb Hole to Double As Arm Warmers and Thigh High 16 Inches Version
  • Perfect For Children's Ballet, Dance Class, Warm For Under, Fashionable for over Boots, Jeans or Heels - 96% High End Acrylic / 2% Nylon / 2% Lycra
  • Soft, Stretchy & Fashion Versatile, Durable Design & Construction for Professional Dancers & Daily Use - Fashionable & Versitile for Club Wear, Dance Class, Ice Skating to Being You!
  • Extra Long Versions Made For Extra Long Legs & Those Who Desire Leggings Similar To Tights, Just Because They Are Extra Does Not Mean They Are Better If You Have Short Legs & Only Need 28 Inch1 Thigh High
  • Warm, Soft, Stretchy & Reportedly Addictive, Brave Winter Chills In Comfort & Style, Unique & Knit To Last Wash After Wash

Product description

Stretch Knit KD dance New York Girls Leg Warmers. Sized specifically for children.

The 6 Inch version also sports a thumb hole to double as an Arm Warmer for Children or Hand Warmer for adults.

We sell two types of Leg Warmers for Girls. These are the exact same Stretch Knit weave as our best selling Stretch Knit leg warmers sold here for adults but with a narrower diameter better suited children. The difference between these and our Fluffy Loose Knit Leg Warmers is these will stay up easier when not worn over a fabric. This however does not mean they are better. Both styles are warm, yet breath & are designed for complete freedom of movement. Its a matter of personal taste which people like better. Both types are suitable for Ballet Class. With that said, these might be better suited for girls that are not dancers to wear to school as a versatile fashion accessory on their legs or arms.

Soft, stretchy, warm & always in style, featuring a cute ruffled top, functional for dance class, fashionable & unique for kiddy brunch.

**Note: Metallics Can Be Coarse, most metallic lovers love them anyway which is why we continue to make them. If your child is super skin sensitive please DO NOT order the Metallics unless planning to wear them over a fabric.

Offered in two distinct sizes:

6 Inch that Double as Arm Warmers with Thumb Hole, Ankle to Calf Length Depending on Height

16 Inch Knee to Thigh High Depending on Height

Made with Love & Care In New York City USA

KD dance was created by young professional dancers knitting outfits while on tour in 1980 and has since grown to be known as the makers of the finest knit dance wear worldwide, mainly because of the complexity of manufacturing high quality knits.

High quality fabric & design are why KD dance New York Leg Warmers stand out as both fashion items & the mark of a professional dancer, Made In USA built to retain color & snap wash after wash.

Was a gift for my daughter and she love it to much.
By Rodrigo Zamora Maric July 18, 2014