Tipi Toe Women's 12-Pairs Lightweight Solid Colored Crew Socks Solid Black)

Tipi Toe Women's 12-Pairs Lightweight Solid Colored Crew Socks Solid Black)

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  • 60% acrylic, 30% cotton, 10% spandex
  • Fits shoe size 5-9 (sock size 9-11)
  • Elegant trendy tones put a modern spin on an all-time favorite colors
  • Comfortable, lightweight and versatile enough for any occasion,
  • 12 pairs. Styles and colors are as shown in the picture
  • 12 Pair Value Pack Of Fashion Designer Dress Socks

These colorful sock are nice and thin but warm enough for winter inside. I like a nice light sock that is easy to put on because I have arthritic hands and some socks are just too stiff to get on easily. These fit me perfectly, are easy to put on, very nice colors and the price was great. I would recommend these sock to any woman. Also they are professional looking and would be great to wear with slacks at work.
By Amazon Customer December 22, 2016
I have been looking for new socks and haven't found what I wanted until these. I wanted a tight weave and a sock that hugs my foot and not bunch up. These are perfect. They are not as thin as nylons but thinner than a lot of socks. And getting a dozen for this price is amazing. I purchased the black and I am ordering another set with the fun colors.
By Susie Shea February 7, 2017
Lightweight, but not too lightweight. Comfortable for winter with ankle boots indoors. Sizing is generous. Quality is much better than the price would indicate. They wash well and don't pill. The toe seam is on top, not across the end as in most inexpensive socks. I'll buy these again.
By C. Jaeger March 15, 2017
The socks are adorable, nice and vibrant and they wash up nice too. I have big feet, size 11, and they are hard to put on. I think if you have small to medium size feet, you will love these socks as they are very fun - but if you have big feet, you might not want to buy them.
By Marianne September 29, 2015
These socks are slightly thin but that's what I wanted because my daughter always complains about her feet becoming too hot. Although they are a little on the thin side, they are still strong and durable. I've washed these a dozen or more times and they keep their shape and look almost new. Also the colors on the toes are bright and cute. When the time comes, I will buy these socks again.
By Qtoria April 26, 2017
I needed some basic socks that would go with everything (I mainly wear black!), and that I could use with casual clothes or business casual. I’m very happy with these. Thin enough to be comfortable with all shoes, but they’re still warm. They stay up on my leg, and the fit is fine (I wear a 7.5).

I’ve seen numerous bad reviews saying they’re not long lasting - I haven’t had any issues yet with them developing holes, but I will update this review if I do.
By Review Me This January 14, 2018
As stated, these socks are lightweight, and I find them to be very comfortable. I have purchased other lightweight socks that will not stay up, but start sagging as soon as I start walking. These stay firmly and comfortably in place.
By Pamela Roberts September 27, 2017
I'm all for thin black socks, it's what I wear 90% of the time. But the amount of cotton is for sure not as stated, it feels like I'm wearing plastic bags on my feet. Does not breath at all, and are super slippery on the floor. I'm just gonna continue order my plain black socks from H&M, because these are going straight in the trash!
By Amazon Customer November 6, 2017