Dan Post Men's 69681 Waterproof Boot

Dan Post Men's 69681 Waterproof Boot

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  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 13.5" from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 2"
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5 inches
  • Boot opening measures approximately 15.75" around
  • Comes with superior pull loops and vamp embroidery.
  • Contains moisture wicking and odor resistant lining.
  • Packed with shock absorbing comfort and durability.
  • Has agion technology for odor controlled comfort.
  • Features breathable waterproof membrane.

Product description

Stylish boots that keep your feet dry. Introduced back in the mid-1960s, the Dan Post name has always stood for handcrafted cushioned comfort. These New Mexico-inspired hombres keep the traditional cowboy looks, while being packed with modern flexibility and support. Waterproof leather; Breathable 100% waterproof membrane; Moisture-wicking Cambrelle II lining; Agion antimicrobial treatment; Removable insole; Mini-lug traction outsole; Round toe; Cowboy heel; Each 12" height, 36 oz.; Dan Post Men's Albuquerque Waterproof Cowboy Boots, Brown

You can't go wrong in this classic boot from Dan Post. Pull loops and vamp embroidery play up its Western roots, while distressed leather flaunts a rich, lived-in look. A chunky heel adds heft, and the whole package is waterproof for a no-hassles fit and feel from the get-go.

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A little background. I am a farmer, been wearing cowboy boots most of my life and really put them through it. From sand to mud and muck. I prefer these boots for style and the fact that I can slip them off at the door and leave the dirt there.

I first came across these Dan Post boots at the local farm supply store and bought them for the look and feel. Liked them so much that when I got home I searched for the same boot, found them $20 cheaper and bought a second pair. The first pair I keep as a backup (seems when I find something that fits well and I like it they decide to no longer make it) and to wear around town.

Well the pair that I bought from (In my opinion) are seconds. The leather that attaches to the outsole (the welt?) is split on both boots not a complete piece. The upper on the right boot is not centered...its shifted to the inside about a 1/4 inch. The boots I bought locally have none of these issues and I would NOT have purchased them if they did. But I figured that since I was just going to use this pair around the farm there was no use raising a fuss about them and put them to work. I had no complaints for about three weeks, than the lining in the left boot ripped right at the heel. So that when I put that boot on the lining would now gather under my heel, very uncomfortable. Nothing to do but rip out all the lining, now one boot fits a little looser than other. Also the leather welt is now starting to curl up from the outsole. My bet is just a quality control issue, time will tell on the other pair.

On another note, I agree with an other reviewer. These are the same boots as the John Deere. I have a pair of insulated John Deere boots that are 3 years old now with no issues but I only wear them in the winter. Though they have been in some very nasty places. ;)
By William July 4, 2013
I've got big, wide feet (16 EE) and these boots fit nicely right out of the box. A little snug as boots should be when you first wear them but they broke in quickly. I really appreciate they make the uppers larger so you can actually get them on. I have tried on too many boots where even though the lower fits the upper is so skinny you can't get them on without a fight, and then they rub your calf. These are nice-looking, rugged boots. I would've given 5 stars but I thought they were priced a little too high.
By Dave September 18, 2016
I bought these boots three years ago when they also sold them as women's boots--same product number, but they called them Kate. I've been wearing the hell out of them workin full time behind a bar & restaurant kitchen and they've stood up to it all--water, grease, booze, riding a motorcycle, being on my feet for 8-10 hours at a time. Never slipped, no water ever got in despite walking through nightly puddles of water/booze/grease (and getting caught in rainstorms on the motorcycle); never had sore feet at the end of the night. Most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, period. Finally had to replace them and unfortunately they don't make them for women anymore. Thankfully, the men's 7D fits me perfectly (I wear a women's size 8.5 but had them in the women's 7.5 that they stopped making). You oughta make these for women again, Dan Post! Unbelievable work boots. Oh, and they're good lookin too.
By missy March 16, 2018
I don't like boots in general.

I wanted a pair for Renn Faires and for use with my Jedi robes.

They're heavy, they can be a dog to put on and take off, and it's a crapshoot when you order them online. They're either too big, too small or come in full sizes that either crush your feet or leave you with nasty blisters.

Do NOT waste your money on "costume" boots either. They are typically vinyl, and they feel like they're going to fall apart as soon as you slip them on. Your feet are worth saving up the money and getting a good pair that you can use any day.

All griping aside, I was quite pleased to receive the Dan Post boots. Not only do they fit well, they are very comfortable, and once they are broken in, I anticipate many happy years of walking in these boots. They are nice and warm, too.
Dan Post boots, quite unlike the boots I mentioned before, are well constructed and have a solid, rugged feel.

If you are looking for solid, comfortable boots, invest in Dan Post Boots. They are well worth the money, and they look great.
By A Friend November 17, 2014
These boots are fantastic. I wear them most often when I'm out at the Chesapeake Bay in cold weather. I typically walk the 150 yards or so from my house, through marshy, wet grass, to the beach, and as far as these boots are concerned, I might as well be walking over dry, comfortable, solid ground. They're every bit as waterproof as you could hope, and they look great.
By Ruff December 17, 2015
This is the second pair of these boots. The first pair wore like iron and lasted me for 3 years though I should have replaced them at 2 years when the waterproofing died.
Take note on the pair you get - make sure they are straight and the quality is up to your desires. The first pair I got once upon a time was not straight (not from ) and I returned them for the pair that I wore out (from ). Now, with the second pair purchased, the heal separated with normal wear in the first month and replaced them. That said, despite the quality / consistency issues that I have experienced, I will order them from again in a couple years because I have loved wearing these boots through rain and snow in comfort with dry feet.
By Andrew B. June 24, 2017
These boots look great buy I've only been wearing them for a month or so and the rubber is already worn off on the bottom and the nails are showing. I'm in a shop all day on a concrete floor.
By Amazon Customer June 24, 2016
These are nice boots for the price and almost broken in after a day wearing them. I went a half size bigger per other reviewers and believe that was the right call. Got the stock show coming up so we'll see if they stay comfortable the whole day.
By ADillon January 10, 2018