Weatherproof Trek Zip Up Waterproof Snow Boots for Men | Thermolite, Suede Ankle High Winter Boots

Weatherproof Trek Zip Up Waterproof Snow Boots for Men | Thermolite, Suede Ankle High Winter Boots

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  • Suede
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof: Seam-sealed waterproof construction does not let water and moisture escape, so you stay dry when you're on the move.
  • Breathable: Suede Upper is breathable; yet dry in the snow. These snowproof boots provide unbeatable warmth and are ideal for winter walks.
  • Thermolite foot-bed cushions and padded collars for extra comfort.
  • Grip: Rubber Sole and treaded pattern providing traction that allows you to walk safely and comfortably.
  • Durability and Comfort: These boots are manufactured for uses such as boating, hiking, outdooor travel. We have ensured that these boots are durable and comfortable to be used in the harshest of enviroments.

Product description

Go the distance in our men’s Weatherproof Trek Zip Up Waterproof Snow Boots. Thermolite technology provides insulated warmth and comfort without the bulky weight. This sleek and sophisticated black genuine suede boot is accented with rugged no slip rubber soles. This ankle high winter boot zips up the front with an easy to grasp suede tab that also acts as dual insulation. All our Products are made from quality materials that prioritize comfort and contemporary style.

I can't recommend this product. The boots do not stay zipped up when I wear them while walking. Its quite annoying. I thought it was because they were new and stiff, but now with 2 months of wear, they still won't stay zipped up. And they now have a ripped inside liner, after just a couple of months of easy wear (only used to take the dog for a walk), and they now are uncomfortable to wear. I recommend you buy something else.
By JG February 5, 2018
These boots are actually pretty comfortable, warm, waterproof and decent looking and if the mfg. put a zipper on them that lasted more than a couple of weeks I'd give these 4 or 5 stars. Bought a pair, liked them, after 3 weeks the zipper on the left boot broke, wouldn't mesh and then the movable part just split in half. Thinking it was just a fluke ordered a 2nd pair. 3 weeks later the zipper on the left boot broke, same exact deal. Doubt it's just bad luck and I have been using zippers for 60+ years so I think I'm reasonably checked off on how to operate a zipper.
By Melkster April 25, 2018
I cant speak for functionality because maybe they are good for rain and snow but the rubber its made with is hard as a brick. Its like walking with 2×4's strapped to the bottom of your feet. Very very uncomfortable. I'm returning them
By nick January 20, 2018
I really like these boots so far. They are very comfortable & super easy to get on & off, also the size was spot on & they arrived on time. "Nothing but good vibes"!!!!
By PC January 10, 2018
So far these boots are really good. The zipper is a little hard to pull up with an extra pair of socks, but not too bad. Good value for the price.
By R. Frischkorn January 4, 2018
The boots are made well you walk, the zippers slide down. Not good, especially if you are walking in snow .
By Lobo January 23, 2018
My husband loves them. Easy to put on and non-slip on icy and snowy surfaces!
By Maggiepoo3 January 12, 2018
Really well made and is a great winter boot for quick on and off convenience.
By JJ January 13, 2018