Premium 8MM Crystal Butterfly Screwback Kids Baby Girl Earrings With Swarovski Elements By Chanteur – 925 Sterling, White Gold Tone – Perfect Gift For Children Sparkling Jewels 12R-SBMC2

Premium 8MM Crystal Butterfly Screwback Kids Baby Girl Earrings With Swarovski Elements By Chanteur – 925 Sterling, White Gold Tone – Perfect Gift For Children Sparkling Jewels 12R-SBMC2

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  •  STRICTLY FOR ADORABLE & CUTE FASHIONISTAS – Our wonderful butterfly earrings are to be worn only by the most fashionable and trendy babies and kids. Their vivid, bright crystal colors are bound to match outfits for all occasions; not to mention that any girl will love to wear them.
  •  UNIQUE BUTTERFLY DESIGN WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS – These charming butterflies look like they just escaped from a fairytale, with their sparkling, multi-colored Swarovski crystal elements – a piece of jewelry suitable for little princesses. Made of premium 925 Sterling silver, they will last you for a long, long time.
  •  SAFE FOR YOUR BABY’S PRECIOUS SKIN – Being parents ourselves, we at Chanteur make a point of using nothing but the most reliable materials for making our baby earrings. Our crystals do NOT contain heavy metals or chemicals. Moreover, our metals go through a strcit quality control process to ensure only the safest materials, will touch your child’s ultra sensitive skin.
  •  OFFER A SWEET GIFT TO YOUR LOVED ONES – Do you want a present for your niece who is celebrating her birthday? Or maybe a little something for your granddaughter who is excited to be going out with her friends for the first time? Then these fantastic, magical earrings are the best gift you can think of; sweet, stylish, and affordable for you!
  •  GET THEM WITHOUT ANY RISK – We have done everything we could in order to offer you the best children’s jewelry collection at the most antagonistic prices. However, if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your purchase, you shouldn’t worry, because all of our products have a 30-day money back guarantee – and we won’t ask you a single question about it!

Product description

This lovely 8 MM butterfly earring comes filled with many Swarovski crystals. . A variety of colored crystals placed in the butterfly reflect a gorgeous shine. This comes with the secure screw back post, which helps the earring stay in place. Great care has been taken to make sure every piece of jewelry is perfect for that princess in your life. We have a full staff making sure that the quality meets your expectation. We strive to be the leader in the kids jewelry industry and put our love and care into every piece of jewelry. Measurements: -Butterfly- 8 MM -Material- 925 Silver, white gold tone -For kids under 12 and suitable for young teens (The age is just a recommendation, please check our measurements with your child's size)

This is the second time that I have purchased these earrings. The first pair was purchased for my 5 year old daughter and she had the earrings for 2 years until she recently lost one of them. We only buy earrings that have the screw backs after losing many pairs before these. The earrings are easy on her ears; do not leave marks; do not make her ears itch; and are beautiful! She gets lots of compliments about them. She was so distraught about losing the earring that I didn't mind buying another pair. My daughter bent the first pair (how? I do not know) and I merely bent them back straight several times and they never broke. My daughter wears these as her daily/school earrings and they are only removed to wear other earrings on special occasions. Therefore, our experience has been that these earrings are sturdy and last for a long time.
By UBizz April 19, 2018
Came in a small plastic zip lock outside of the box. Missing stones said what ever put them in her ears. 5yr old 3 days later taken out. Her ear holes are larger than before and the metal that went through her ears was very bendy. She says they hurt and she doesn't want them back in.
By Ashley Belmore January 25, 2018
DON'T BUY! NOT sterling silver! The back of one fell off & the earring was lost immediately. We left the other one in (did a mix/match look). Wish I hadn't! The back of the second earring worked into my daughters ear. Now the BACK OF THE EARRING HAS TO BE SURGICALLY REMOVED & her piercings will have to close. While the post seems to be sterling, the backs are definitely NOT.
By Holly Flygar August 17, 2018
These earrings are so pretty. Even though they are for children I purchased because I like small earrings. The screw on backs are awesome. I am older and remember the days when earrings came this way. I have double piercing and also bought the level backs that match. Both sets well made. Sparkle so pretty.
By pic 3 November 17, 2016
One back would not screw on and stay on. It got lost within the first couple days of her wearing these because of that flaw. She is 7 so she didn't mess with them at all, it just would not screw on correctly in order to stay on.
By April Farmer July 3, 2018
These are really cute, but the posts are way too big to be for a baby. I tried to put them in my own ears first, and found them to be uncomfortable. I didn't even try them on my baby girl (9 months old).
By Laura Taylor September 21, 2017
I ordered these for my ten year old daughter,and while they are cute they are TINY.
Definitely not what the photo looked like, or what I thought I was ordering.
The gems are teeny tiny.
False advertisement in my opinion.
I'm only keeping them because it's not worth my trouble to return.
By Analyzing My Life December 12, 2016
Beautiful earrings! Sparkle! Perfect size for 1 year old. but the screws don't stay on. Lost one of the earrings many times , the same one kept coming off. Finally came off and now lost for good. Disappointed
By Stephen Marando August 23, 2017