Dickies Men's Sanded Duck Sherpa Lined Hooded Jacket Dickies Men's Sportswear TJ350R

Dickies Men's Sanded Duck Sherpa Lined Hooded Jacket Dickies Men's Sportswear TJ350R

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Product description

Hooded jacket features a warm sherpa lining with interior pocket and cell phone pocket. 8.5 ounce duck 100 percent cotton fabric is sanded and garment washed for your comfort. Triple needle reinforced seams for a strong and durable work jacket.

Dickies duck sherpa lined hooded jacket is both rugged and stylish.

One problem arose. The zipper fails to zip up or down without binding up locking the slider. This occurred with two jackets in a row. made it right. However the second jacket came with a set of Chevrolet car keys with a name tag (name withholding pending identification) along with the key and remote fob. If you tried this coat on and sent it back contact and they can contact me and get you keys back. Here's a pic.There is a name on the backside of the yellow tag, name it and it's yours.
By Janette D. Pell January 11, 2017
Its not as I expected nevertheless its still good product. This is my first time to buy a jacket before I tried it on, so I wan't sure about my size thus I followed up the how to measure your chest guide in Dickies web site and it turned out I'm XL and I chose the regular tall. But when I recieved the shipment and put it on I felt it big and its not as slim as in the portrayed pictures. The sleeves length is very good but the chest and sleeves width is a little big. Also the hood is way big than what I expect, it literally cover entire my head, forehead and my eyes. But again maybe this jacket designed to be wear with multiple layers underneath, beside its for work and comfort is first priority. The outer fabric is dimmer than I expected but its feel durable and nice to touch. its very worm and give you a lot of space and it will not expose and part of your body regardless what position you take.
By Mohammad Juma December 31, 2017
These are my favorite work jacket. About 7 years ago I bought one and wore it for everything (work and casual) and washed it whenever it needed it which was often.. It lasted 3 years of hard use and I sort of felt like it should have lasted longer at the time. I blamed it on the lighter fabric, but it was always warm, At the time I thought it should have rib knit on bottom of jacket to keep draft out. It fit well and the hood is almost as warm as a hat. The cuffs are right for work with very durable rib knit recessed under shell, with snap adjustments. Heavy brass zipper. After it was worn through on sleeves and front pocket areas, I retired it to cover and insulate our booster pump.

When I retired the Dickies I was given a Carharrt by my work which had a great design and 12 oz duck fabric, I thought it would be better and last longer. It was size XL where my dickies was large, and the Carharrt was fleece lined. Within 6 months of what I considered careful light use, the Carharrt was worn through in places. First the arm just from putting my arm in window of truck I patched it and babied it. Kept using it but would take it off sooner than later while working, brush instead of washing when possible, keep it out of harms way. It is 2+ years old and frayed on folds and patched ingeniously at cuffs, inside the pockets and there is some new wearthrough on the arms I don't think I can patch The only thing that looks unworn is the back which should tell you something. It hasn't seen a lot of sitting down. It was never as warm as the dickies. I trusted it more with barbed wire and brush work, but the material wore faster than the dickies for some reason and never as warm or comfortable. I liked it though, and the pockets were great and shape/design was great. I tried many other work jackets and military jackets, and finally concluded the Dickies TJ350 (this jacket) is best all in all and lasts as long as any of them (lasted me longer). So I ordered one as season is winding down. It fits exactly like the old one. I wore it on a walk this morning at about 30 degrees before sun was out and it is warm. Same as my old one, outer fabric feels light which used to worry me, and small draft at bottom when starting activity, but not as much as other jackets, and I know from "longitudinal" use under rigorous conditions, the lighter duck fabric lasts at least as long as heavier duck; longer in my experience. It might be because it is more flexible and there is less abrasion when it moves? The pockets are not as "modern" but it has everything you really need (pen loop and side zip front would be nice but oh well) and is has a light lining in the hand-warmer pockets. I am going to buy a few backups of these as good deals come up and be smarter about patching and using them. They are great. It is possible there is a tougher jacket out there, (maybe the walls Kevlar or the Carharrt cordura extremes?), but I have a new respect for this jacket. and it is a good feeling to go back to it. The fit and warmth are identical to my old one. If you cant tell, I got a little obsessed with this, but when I have to do deal with cold and money was so tight, It was very important to me. Heavyweight base layers and light warm mid layers are worth knowing about too, but this jacket is warm and comfortable all on its own.
By Riley February 25, 2017
When I first put it on, I was impressed. The fabric is heavy, the sherpa lining is thick and lines all of the body, with a smooth lining in the sleeves. The cuffs are double with the elastic layer inside. Nice. Seemed well made. UNTIL I tried to zip it up. Oh No. The fabric snags in the zipper teeth. I look closer and see it has been badly sewn and there is a long fold in the fabric that the teeth of the zipper catch. So it has to go back. Do they send seconds to us consumers, hoping we'll not notice? UPDATE yesterday I received a replacement jacket and returned the defective one. NO PROBLEM. The new one is flawless. The returns process was easy.
By Gerald Gifford January 10, 2017
So far so good with this one. It's been anywhere from 10 to 35 degrees since I bought this jacket and it's nice & warm. I also picked up the matching bibs which are warm as well. You almost get hot wearing both together while being active (scooping snow etc.) The "sanded" feel is nice but seems to attract little stuff to it (not a big deal). I'm 5'9" and 170 lbs but I have long arms. I went with Large to be on the safe side and it fits pretty well. There is definitely extra room in it and the arms are nice and long. I'm guessing a Medium would have worked as well if I wanted something a bit more snug. The jacket has nice deep pockets so that your items won't fall out. It's also got 3 inside pockets as well. One is small and probably meant for a little clamshell phone (I doubt too many people have those still) but it could work for keys or something else small. The other two pockets are full size, one has a zipper and the other has a velcro latch to keep items intact. The hood is a bit big but if you have it up and your jacket zipped all the way it's sized just right. Although if you go to push it down the zipper will push against your chin if it's all the way up, so it's best to zip it down a bit first. The jacket also has snaps on the wrist to tighten/loosen them, which helps keeps snow out. Over all it's a great jacket for the price. I can also recommend the bibs as well, especially considering you can get both for around $100.
By Adam Hasser February 5, 2014