Diaper Backpack by Bliss Bag for Girls, Boys, Twins, Infants, Moms & Dads. Includes Travel System/Organizer, Changing Pad, Stroller Straps, Insulated Pockets, Water Resistant Fabric. (Gray)

Diaper Backpack by Bliss Bag for Girls, Boys, Twins, Infants, Moms & Dads. Includes Travel System/Organizer, Changing Pad, Stroller Straps, Insulated Pockets, Water Resistant Fabric. (Gray)

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  • STYLISH & FUNCTIONAL: Not only will you look & feel stylish with Bliss Bag, you’ll also have all the function you’ll need. Includes stroller straps to free up your hands, wipe & bottle pockets to store your essentials, and a high quality changing pad.
  • TONS OF STORAGE OPTIONS: There are a lot of different storage options for families on the go!. The bag has 20 total pockets including 4 insulated pockets and 2 large pockets to store essentials for you and your children.
  • HIGH QUALITY WATERPROOF MATERIAL: Bliss Bag is made from waterproof nylon material and polyester liner. Each bag is inspected to meet our high quality standards.
  • GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT: You can’t go wrong buying Bliss Bag as a baby shower gift. It’s a great gift for both moms and dads. Any size family will enjoy using their Bliss Bag.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: Your Bliss Bag comes with a One Year Warranty! If your bag breaks within one year you can exchange it for a brand new Bliss Bag.


Bliss Bag Diaper Backpack.

Where Style Meets Function!
There is no other diaper bag on the market that matches Bliss Bag’s style and functionality to meet the needs of growing families.
Bliss Bag has 20 total pockets including 4 insulated pockets for tons of storage options. You can store your bottles, wipes, diapers, clothes, toys, laptop/tablet, wallet, etc.

Each bag is Made of High Quality Waterproof Material
Kids are messy and something always seems to spill. Bliss Bag’s waterproof material makes cleaning messes easy.

Bliss Bag comes with a One Year Warranty.
We stand by our quality and want to ensure you’re satisfied with your bag. When you register your bag online you’ll activate your warranty.

With a One Year Warranty, You Have Nothing To Lose; So Scroll Up To The Top, Click "Add to Cart" and Get Your Bliss Bag To Your Door In 2 Days!

This bag is exactly what I was looking for!
I'm expecting baby #2 in a couple short weeks and my current diaper bag isn't big enough for two. I was considering buying another bag and just carrying around 2 (one for my toddler and one for the newborn) but really didn't want to have to lug that around.
The Bliss Bag has enough space and compartments to fit all my stuff for both kiddos!
1. SO many compartments
2. Bag feels super sturdy and waterproof. (super helpful if it's drizzling outside, etc)
3. Lots of space for bottles, sippy cups, etc.
4. Matching changing pad!!
5. Stroller straps so I can just hook onto my Uppababy and go
6. Instead of carrying a purse, I can just throw my keys and phone in here too in the front.
7. LOVE the color and my husband does too. This is awesome that it's unisex so he doesn't feel like he's carrying anything frilly when he takes the kiddos out by himself.

Traveling around with 2 kids is hard enough, this bag makes it easy so that I essentially only need on bag to carry my things and my two little's essentials (spare clothes/diapers/water bottle/milk bottles/toys/wipes/swaddles, etc).

Highly recommend for anyone that is looking to a high quality diaper bag! Hopefully this review was helpful, feel free to ask any questions and I would be glad to offer you my opinion on my experience with this product. :)
By USCkitty March 7, 2018
I’ve been looking for a diaper bag that could give me direct access to wipes. When I found this through , I might have heard a choir of angels sing at the background. Hahahaha! The shipping was quick (ordered on Wednesday and got it on Friday). I immediately put this to the test. It kept my daughter’s water bottle cool after spending hours under direct sunlight. It has a lot of compartments so it’s easy to organize the hundreds of things you bring for your child. The wipes are so easy to get to (you only need one hand, and no need to look). I love that it also comes with stroller straps. Also, BIG Plus that its a backpack so my hands are free (shoulder bags always slides down my arms, so annoying), and that it distributes the weight evenly between your shoulders. The padded straps are very comfortable. This is the PERFECT bag and the only bag you’ll ever need when you and your little ones go out on adventure.
By Spencer M. Reitz February 2, 2018
I have had three diaper bags in the past four months and this is hands down the best one I have found. I needed something with a lot of storage, my other bags were overflowing, to the point that I had a Fanny pack attached around my previous diaper bag for more storage, and I couldn’t find anything. I came across this bag and liked how many pockets it had and how the pictures showed the different storage areas and how the bag opened. I decided to give it a try because I was losing my mind with my other bag! I was so excited to try it out when it arrived and it did not disappoint! I fit everything that was in my previous bag, including everything in the fanny pack, and still had MORE room! The way the bag opens and the many different pockets help so you don’t have to pull EVERYTHING out to find what you’re looking for. It’s comfortable and serves me well! I am so pleased with this bag and would recommend it to anyone!
By Amazon Customer August 29, 2018
Best bag in the market better than Bagnation, met all my requirements
1. insulated pockets for bottles,additional insulated pocket to carry ice pack with milk or other baby food
2.side big pockets for easy access to towels etc
3.laptop sleeve as I am a working mom
4 .stylish and not bulky as I want to carry the same to office (don't want separate bags everytime and it does not look like a typical diaper bag )has enough room to carry my spectra breastpump ..wow ! The inner waterproof lining is beautiful and not just plastic blue or grey like bagnation bag which has the highest ratings
5.Gender neutral so daddy has no qualms about carrying it 😀

Only one thing is Bagnation provides lifetime warranty vs this one has one year ,if they would upgrade to lifetime this product would be unbeatable
By Amazon Customer August 18, 2018
This bag is going to be your go to diaper bag. From bunches of pockets, change pad, an easy access wipes pocket that is accessible from the outside of the bag. Built in stroller clips! So, no need to buy after market clips. Super cute and color neutral with fun chunky zippers. Perfect for either boy or girl and dad won’t mind carrying this bag around. Awesome back pack so you can keep your hands free while chasing after those little ones. Over all you cannot go wrong with this bag, the features it offers, quality and price point! You are going to love it!
By Shabana March 5, 2018
We decided to switch from a tote to a backpack style for our second baby. I love the style of the bag. One of my favorite features is the wipes pocket. Most of the bags I looked at only had a pocket for tissues and this can hold a full soft container of wipes with a close top. I also love the large insulated pocket on the side for my toddlers water bottle that’s too large for a bottle pocket. It’s got space for my older one who is potty training and needs a potty seat, wipes, change of clothes etc while having lots of room for the babies stuff. The only drawback is that there are SO many bottle pockets. It would be nice to convert one or two into just one larger pocket. Nice thick fabric and comfortable to wear. Overall a great purchase!
By Amazon Customer September 24, 2018
I really like all the compartments this bag has without it being big or too bulky. There are lots of things to keep organized with a baby and this bag helps keeps things where I need them rather than having to search through a sea of items. I only just got it so I can’t say how durable it will be but it seems to be great quality. I also love the stroller straps. I am looking forward to taking this on my upcoming trips to visit family.
By Amazon Customer August 22, 2018