DaVinci Toddler Bed Coversion Kit, Grey Finish M3099G

DaVinci Toddler Bed Coversion Kit, Grey Finish M3099G

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  • Made of 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood
  • Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process, lead and phthalate safe
  • Meets ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards & includes 1-year warranty
  • Compatible Crib Models: Morgan (#F11501), Taylor (#F12101), Autumn (#M4301), Bella (#M3101), Clover (#M1201), Copeland (#M12301), Emily (#M4791), Fairway (#M13541), Flora (#M1401), Grove (#M9301), Jayden (#M5981), Kalani (#M5501), Laurel (#M2001), Lila (#M12701), Perse (#M9701), Sherwood (#M10101), Summit (#W10501)


Convert your full-sized classic crib into a toddler bed.

I purchased this after our 2 year olds learned how to climb out AND in to her crib within about 4 hours. The crib is a Jamie style convertible DaVinci brand. The toddler rail arrived exactly when expected and I went to work installing it. The installation took only minutes, most of which was removing and replacing the screws. The color matches perfectly and it appears sturdy. Our daughter is safely sleeping in her bed and still enjoys telling people, even strangers, that she has a big girl bed.
By Nicolas Prezioso August 23, 2017
Despite being listed in NUMEROUS places as the correct toddler rail for the Davinci “Grove” 4-1 convertible crib there is no way in the world to make this rail fit. Additionally the color match is way off. When removing the crib side for the conversion, visible deep bolt holes are left on the upper rails and there is no provision for capping or otherwise concealing them. A toddler could get her fingers really stuck. Overall good sturdy and safe construction, but unusable as we need it, as a toddler bed with the specified additional accessory. Will be sending back.
By DRT November 27, 2017
Product quality is good.
Installation is simple and clear instructions.
Product FIT is off by 1/4 inch resulting in drawer option for DaVinci crib becoming derailed and unusable.

I ended up having to cut 1/4 inch (1/8 inch per side) plus drill screw counter-sink holes in order to get the rail to fit properly while allowing the drawer to function without derailing - not ideal in any stretch of the imagination.

The bottom line is that this rail is the exact same width as the full crib rail it replaces, however the bed spring attachment for the crib mounts on metal plates that stick out from the crib frame 1/8 inch at each side. This replacement rail mounts directly to the metal plates and therefore it pushes the frame apart 1/4 inch causing the drawer to derail since the drawer slider tracks are now 1/4" inch too wide.

A rotary saw and a drill will fix it, but that's a pain.
By Trevor July 21, 2013
Fits my crib (that I bought off for around a hundred bucks) perfectly. Helps my 2 year-old not fall out of his bed. I just wish you could buy it in the same color to match the crib. Plus, I wish they would up the price of the crib and just include this conversion kit with it.
By tizpear December 6, 2017
Perfect piece to transition our 2.75 year old to a toddler bed. It was helpful that the bars on this mimicked the bars of his crib, so that for a child of habit, it didn't feel like a dramatic change. Easy to install. (And I was very happy to pay the open box price on this.)
By C. M. May 28, 2018
the crib itself took more skills and levels of understanding than I possess but with the help of a fiend we got it together with minimal effort. The conversion kit consists of the rail 4 screws and washers, no probs.
By C. F. LAFFERTY Jr. September 13, 2018
Great crib and toddler rail. Very happy
By AHFarrell May 27, 2018
Was not sure if this would fit the bed we had, because it did not have the same model number that the bed said we needed, but it worked great, and easy to put on!
By andergirl October 29, 2016