Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Dot 2nd Without Mess Wires Or Screws, Dot Accessories, Compact Holder Case Plug in Kitchens, Bathroom and Bedroom (Black) SUKIRA

Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Dot 2nd Without Mess Wires Or Screws, Dot Accessories, Compact Holder Case Plug in Kitchens, Bathroom and Bedroom (Black) SUKIRA

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  • No Drilling Holes And Screws: Very easy to install and lock smart speaker with a secure clip and cover the power adapter with a seamless case perfectly
  • No Long and Mess Wires: Connect the device and power adapter with our short cable hidden in this wall mount. Your device doesn't stand in the way of the counter top space any more
  • No Voice and Sound Loss: No microphones and speakers are blocked with this dot mount
  • Convenience: Move your dot to more convenient locations as a wall mount or stand holder and give your outlet a lot cleaner and tidier appearance. It doesn't block the plug of any outlets
  • Compatibility: ONLY FOR Dot 2nd generation!


Color: Black

Your voice-control spearker is absolutely a funny and practical smarter, enabling us control most smart devices, do shopping and call someone.

But sometime you may feel that it will be perfect if

- Never mess long cord bunched up behind the speaker

- Save space of your counter top of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

- Move your speaker to more convenient locations without damaging the wall

- Hang it on the outlet with a lot cleaner and tidier look

Our Product is an incredibly elegant solution to fix these annoying and unattractive problems. It eliminates long wires and keep the voice-control spearker off the counter top. Great alternative to others that require drilling holes. The microphones and speakers are all exposed. It's nice to have it suspended off of the flat surface, which makes your voice-control spearker more easily catch your eyes and respond you.

So with this gadget, your dot will be not only smart device, but also an elegant home decoration. With the beauful package, it can be a great gift for your family and friends.

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Notes: ONLY FOR Dot 2nd generation!

Package includes: Short USB cord x 1, Outlet wall mount x 1

This does make it look nicer and conceals the cords, however, the Echo is much less responsive in the vertical position. I know it has 7 microphones around the circumference to listen for commands and cancels noise from any music it is playing so you can talk to it while it is playing music, but as soon as you turn it vertical with this hanger, that function seems not to work and it can never hear you anymore when it is playing music. I'm not sure we'll keep this mounted like this.
By Greg J. January 30, 2018
Got an echo dot for Christmas, and with the layout of our house, there isn't a great central place to put it (I wish we had an in-floor outlet!).

So I was looking for something that would mount it on the wall and not have a hideous amount of USB cable laying around. This fits the bill perfectly. Black blends in well with our dark green walls and dark bronze outlets, so you barely know it's there.

I must say hat installing the echo was a little more work than I was expecting. This comes in pieces that you need to put together while putting the echo and power brick in place. Awkward at times, but eventually everything popped into place.
By Mike Vande Ven Jr. January 2, 2018
I wish I could secure it to the wall better. There is a screw but it's in the center, so to use it you have to cover both outlets. I don't want to lose the 2nd outlet so I have it hanging from the bottom, but since it doesn't rest flush against the wall, it starts leaning and has actually fallen out a few times. Pretty lousy design for something holding such an expensive gadget.
By Amazon Customer March 16, 2018
Holsters the Dot real nicely
Compact and sleek looking

Leans into itself from the weight.

I folded up some paper and taped it on the back with black electrical tape to give it some cushion to lean against.
Follow the instructions. Its important lol.
By Matt McGuire January 26, 2018
It’s good and it looks nice. My only issue is that if you pull the unit out of the socket regularly (for example if it’s in the bathroom and you need the outlet for a blow dryer), it tends to want to pull the housing off of the plug inside the housing.

Grip the square portion on top a good bit when you pull it out and it comes off clean.
By AmazonDan January 21, 2018
Love this thing makes it all one nice compact device that makes it easy for me to switch room to room just plug and play no fiddling with the cord. Makes moving your dot around very simple. 5 stars
By Hacksaw January 25, 2018
This works well. Once you figure out how it all goes together, it is a nice neat way to position the Echo. No messy wires hanging and you can grab it and move it to another room with ease.
By Kindle Customer May 25, 2018
Works great, as advertised. Good fit and finish. Comes with short cable.
By Tom December 27, 2017