Rabbit 7177 Metrokane Rabbit Ice Crusher, Clear

Rabbit 7177 Metrokane Rabbit Ice Crusher, Clear

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  • Hand-crank ice crusher makes both coarse and finely crushed ice
  • Ideal for margaritas, slushy drinks, and ice beds for vegetables and shellfish
  • Heavy-duty, all-metal top and handle in polished chrome
  • Plastic base in translucent red, black, or clear; crushes up to a quart of ice in 2 minutes
  • Lifetime warranty on moving parts; excellent, fun gift

First a note to thanks to previous reviewers as I purchased this Ice Crusher with the knowledge that it is flawed.

If you look at what is commercially available though, all the rest of them are even more poorly designed and made with even less desirable materials.

That said, I will say this ice crusher makes perfectly sized crushed ice and since I have the knowledge and ability I chose to purchase it because I can modify and improve it.

The real shame is that with a few changes this could be an excellent tool. This serves as a perfect example of the difference in business and manufacturing philosophy between the current era (last 50 years) and the previous era where your name and reputation mattered and quality and lifecycle of the product was paramount as apposed to the current it’s all about maximizing profit and dam the consumer mentality.

Shame on Rabbit / Metrokane as I would have gladly paid twice the price for a well made unit

Short comings and fixes:

The pin for the hinge on the top cover comes out easily; this is easily fixed with a dab of 5-min epoxy on each end.

The crank handle is not going to last as its way to thin and will eventually fatigue and break; for which I will machine a new solid handle.

The plastic bushings / bearings are not loon enough to correctly capture the crusher shaft; will make new ones.

There are more issues but I am not writing a book on how to fix an ice crusher; the bottom line is that you will have problems with this ice crusher so if your not mechanical stay away.
By J Rice March 29, 2015
The turner-crusher arm was too difficult for a girl to turn. The device needs to be held down however when holding it down and trying crushing ice the hard to move arm caused the bottom of the device to slip and I had ice all over the floor. On another try the locking nut holding the turning arm fell off. Using tools from my tool kit I replaced the locking nut and tried again however this time the pin holding the top lid fell off and onto my counter top. I gave this review one star only because I was not allowed to grade the ice crusher with less than one star. This devise needs to be shipped with a crying towel and opened with a good sense of humor.
By Andy Shapiro January 19, 2016
I reviewed the negative reviews and felt I could handle them. First a button foot fell off and it took a while to hind it (my kitchen). I glued the foot that fell off then removed and glued the remainder. Evening came and it was time to crush some ice for drinks. I placed a small amount of cubes in the top box and started turning the handle. All was well for a little while then the whole thing just disassembled in my hands. I am holding the handle and all the cutter pieces are lying in the crushed ice. I am returning for a refund and will go locally to find something I can just walk back to the store to replace if need be. I did leave out that the knob on the handle was bent and not square to he handle. I did gently bent it back into something that was acceptable. I wanted to replace the attaching part (think screw) however it looks like it is a rivet. Well I would have attended to that if and when the time came but never mind.
By Leilani J. Benmore July 14, 2016
Since receiving this product the handle has come lose and apart 2 times. I basically rebuilt it twice. Do not recommend this product as it seems poorly designed and quality control of the manufacturer seems lacking. I will give it one more try as I have not found an electric device that will crush ice without making it snow cone fine. It is hard to turn and would not be suitable for someone who doesn't have the strength.
By DougF August 15, 2016
Works fine, but it came with one of the rubber feet missing, making it unwieldy to crush ice - it is not level and slides around when you turn the crank. They are just little rubber things that insert into holes in the 4 corners of the bottom red part of the crusher. Probably cost about 3 cents each. Company does not stock replacements. We asked if they could send a new bottom piece of the ice cfrusher. They said OK if we paid for the shipping in advance. Ridiculous customer service. I have removed the other 3 rubber feet it is level when I use it, and I put an pad under the crusher when I use it so as to not damage the counter top.
By Greg P January 14, 2014
I simply cannot imagine how this design left the drawing board let alone the manufacturing plant (QA/QC anyone?) If that designer/engineer had presented that plan to me, I would have seriously wondered if perhaps they had an undiagnosed brain tumor that was expanding, pushing up against the area of the brain responsible for rational thought.

I should have heeded the other negative reviews, but it looked so retro cool and I had drinks to make! I gave it two stars because well hey, it does crush ice but with great difficulty and at great risk to bodily harm. The top metal part with the grinding gears is indeed pretty solid however the hand crank is a total joke- it does not have a large enough fulcrum point to create the energy sufficient enough to SMOOTHLY crush ice. You are NOT evenly cranking this thing like you are hand churning ice cream or winding open a patio umbrella.

The heavy 2 pound metal grinding section sits atop a little, lightweight, brittle plastic ice bucket. So do the math- you are wildly cranking this tiny handle on this SUPER TOP HEAVY device that is filled with ice and the whole unit is sliding, bouncing, twisting, and tipping in all directions across the counter- side to side, up and down…it’s so ridiculous. I now actually put in on the floor and put my knee on it to crank like I am starting a chainsaw or handcuffing an unruly suspect. Not a good look when I’m trying to impress the ladies, Mad Men style.

And as the final insult to injury, as the metal top gets cold from the ice, it shrinks up tight around the plastic part so you have to bang against the counter to jar it loose. I’m fairly certain that sooner or the later the ice bucket will crack during this dislodging process.

Please do not buy this. Put your ice in a plastic bag and hit it with hammer, that's way more glamorous and practical than this hunk of junk.
By Hugh Jorgan April 14, 2014