StoreSMART - Supply Zipper Case for 3-Ring Binders - 12-Pack - Vinyl Plastic - VH309-12 StoreSMART®

StoreSMART - Supply Zipper Case for 3-Ring Binders - 12-Pack - Vinyl Plastic - VH309-12 StoreSMART®

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  • Crafted of crystal clear 6-gauge vinyl.
  • Red resealable zipper keeps supplies in, and dirt out.
  • Includes holes for use with three-ring binders.
  • Overall size: 9 ¼" x 11 ¾".
  • Inside capacity: 8 ½" x 11 ¾".

I bought these to organize my knitting needles. I put them in a pouch by needle size. All circulars, double pointed and straight needles of the same size went into one pouch. Then I put the pouches in a three ring binder. It worked perfectly and my large collection of needles is now organized.
The pouches are made of heavy plastic, the zip locks work great, and the price was excellent.
By M. Kirby July 26, 2013
These are premium-quality binder pockets. The construction is much, much better than one would find at local big-box stores and it is worth every penny. These will not fall apart after a few weeks, and I can see them withstanding the whole school year being tossed around in a backpack.
The plastic is much thicker than other pockets I’ve used (and I’ve gone through many!). There is a punched side for use in a 3-ring binder (which is also very sturdy). The top closure is a bit misnamed in the description of the item - it is not a true “zip-top” in that there is no zipper at the top; rather, it is a secure sandwich bag type closure. I actually prefer this, in that the pockets with actual zippers tend to lose the zipper handle quite quickly. In any case, the closure is very secure.
I am using them so store my circular knitting needles (secure storage for these needles can be hard to find). However, I can imagine myself using them in a variety of ways and am happy to have found them.
By Mockingbird Murphy October 13, 2017
These are pretty great. I was hesitant to buy these because they are so expensive for what they are, but they are also very high quality. I am using these pouches to store large amounts of integrated circuits in anti static bags mounted in static safe foam. They work beautifully.

My concerns were that they would be flimsy, and weak. But the material it is made out of is actually pretty thick and strong. I don't see mine breaking anytime soon. either by tearing or ripping at seams.

My other concern was that the zipper would be useless, but that is also not the case at all. My bags actually appear to be air tight. I doubt it would be able to retain air forever, but it does add an extra step when restoring my materials to release any air that may be in the bag already, or else it would require more space than it actually needs.

My last concern was that the bag would be too large for a traditional binder; by sticking out the top, sides, or both. I can say that this is also a non issue for me (the binders I am using are also basics 2" binders, if that helps.) At worst case scenario with the pouch being in the center of the ring, the pouch sticks out ever so slightly, maybe a millimeter or less. With a full binder this wouldn't even be possible so it is nothing to worry about.
By Alex Hand March 4, 2017
I was very excited to find these bags/cases. I am a second grade teacher who sends home books for the students to read each day. The cases fit nicely into the students' three ring binders. However, the seal doesn't stay closed on the majority of the cases. At first I thought it was because the kids couldn't seal them properly, but unfortunately even when an adult closes the case, they don't often stay closed. This product would be perfect if it had a zipper or a zip closure.
By bearlakegirl67 September 20, 2013
Ordered these to organize my fixed circular knitting needles. Like the heavy quality of the material and the fact that they "zip" along the top which means carrying them in a binder works for me.
By Ann October 26, 2016
These are exactly what I needed! I have a TON of die cuts that I use for mixed media art, and I use these to store them in a binder. These are thick and sturdy, and the zipper closure works perfectly. I'll definitely be buying more!
By Scout July 6, 2018
Great for middle school when they only carry a binder around and need to have their book for language arts. Mine kept forgetting hers different places around the school until I got this for her binder and put her book in it. Highly recommend.
By notechdummy May 13, 2018
I previously ordered the package 100. I was impressed with
the quality of the product. I just needed about 12 more for
a small training class, and I am still impressed with the
speed of my shipment and the quality of the product. Some
may feel that the price is a bit restrictive, but these
zip cases will last forever! For students, transfer them
to new binders year after year. For business and office
needs, use and re-use by labeling with post-its. You
will not be disappointed in this .
By SKaredyKat June 29, 2012