2 Lb. Depot Monitor Stand, Printer Stand with Adjustable 3 Heights Riser, 15.5 x 11.5 Inches, Black Plastic 2LB Depot

2 Lb. Depot Monitor Stand, Printer Stand with Adjustable 3 Heights Riser, 15.5 x 11.5 Inches, Black Plastic 2LB Depot

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  • ★ EASILY ADJUSTABLE ★ The 2LB Depot monitor stand printer stand adjusts and assembles easily for various height adjustments. It adjusts to 1” inch, 2 3/8” inches, 3” inches and 4” inches. The non-skid, padded rubber leg ends protect nice office furniture and look great in sleek, modern offices or traditional law offices!
  • ★ REDUCE NECK AND BACK STRAIN ★ Put your monitor at the right desktop height and reduce eye strain and neck and back pain. Our free standing height-adjustable monitor and flat panel (LCD, plasma) TV riser puts your monitor at the correct ergonomic viewing height for better posture and increased office productivity!
  • ★ EXPAND YOUR WORKSPACE ★ Your monitor riser printer riser opens up extra space saving storage below and frees up valuable desk space even in small or cramped workstations! Use it to store and organize smaller items (under 12” inches), such as an iPad, laptop, notepads, notebooks, pens or pencils. The surface area of the monitor stand is 15.5” inches x 11.5” inches and the sturdy, heavy-duty high-impact plastic can hold / support up to 40 lbs. (a standard 27” Apple iMac is 21 pounds).
  • ★ GOOD FOR THE ENTIRE OFFICE OR HOME ★ Buy several, and use our heavy-duty monitor stands for a nice, consistent look with every monitor in your office. Or you can use them in a computer training room or school classroom to keep students, trainers and trainees comfortable and productive. Use it in your den home office, kids playroom for video games, or a dorm, business, IT, school, manufacturing plant, etc.!
  • ★ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ★ We think you’ll love our monitor stand, but if not, 2LB Depot backs all our products with a money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, simply send them back for a no-questions asked, hassle-free refund.


Are you constantly looking up or down at your monitor? Is your neck hurting? Mabye its because your monitor isn't at the right height! Get monitor or TV at the perfect height reduce eye strain and neck and back pain. This easy to use, free standing height-adjustable monitor and flat panel (LCD, plasma) TV riser puts your monitor at the correct ergonomic viewing height for better posture and increased office productivity!

- 4 adjustable heights: 1" to 4"
- Black, high-impact plastic
- Holds up to 40 lbs., up to a 27" monitor
- Holds monitor, TV, fax, printer, Xbox, PS3, PS4
- Gives you more desk space
- Easy to assemble and adjust in seconds
- Rubber padded feet protect furniture
- Use in the office, at home, training rooms, classrooms and workspaces

No questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

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I bought this stand to solve a particular problem - my new monitor was not only a bit short, it came without any sort of adjustment for the viewing angle. Felt like I was having to bend down and look up at the screen. I looked at a lot of stands that would simply raise the height, but this stand with its configurable legs allowed me to set the back slightly lower than the front, angling the screen backward to a comfortable viewing angle. Inserting a pack of sticky notes under the monitor's base provided a bit of fine-tuning that got the angle just right. I only had to raise the monitor an inch and a half in the front and a half-inch in the back, but the whole thing could be raised about 4 inches if needed.

As for the stand itself, it came exactly as described and delivery was right on time. The construction is sturdy and the leg segments are easy to remove and re-arrange. I notice another reviewer had trouble with the legs falling out if the stand was picked up frequently. I can see where that could happen - the legs fell out once when I picked it up, but I don't expect I'll be lifting it very often. If I did, I might try a bit of tape around the post to tighten the fit.
By Beowulf June 30, 2016
As many negative reviewers have noted, some of the legs are loose enough to fall out when you lift up the unit, even just to put it into place. This is, however, easy to fix. I wrapped one layer of cellophane tape around the part of the leg that fits inside, which makes it just enough thicker that friction will hold it in, but you can still get it out when you want. I gave this 3 stars because, with modern manufacturing methods, one shouldn't have to DIY something out of the box to make it work. But, once that is fixed, there isn't much else that could go wrong with a simple item like this. Contrary to some reviews, the unit did come with little rubber feet to prevent scratching.
By Paul in SF August 27, 2018
This is PERFECT for my needs. I plan to relocate my printer from a table top to this stand on the floor during a HUGE scanning project. I'll be scanning thousands of photos and placing, centering, and removing them from the glass top will be much easier at floor level, then getting up and down to access them from the table top height.
I was surprised at the stability of this stand, as it is quite light, but VERY STRONG. And the feet are PERFECT. There are three lengths that telescope each other giving a choice of three heights.
Whoever designed this is a GENIUS.
By Diana March 15, 2017
This is one sturdy little stand! I needed something to provide a flat and stable surface for my printer/scanner/fax/coffee maker (okay that last part is a wish list function). I also needed the stand to be an exact height as half the printer/scanner/what-have-you would be on my filing cabinet and the other side needed be raised 3 inches to match the height of the file cabinet from the drawer unit next to it. This stand is just perfect. The heights as listed are, thankfully, spot on. It's thick plastic and hence provides a very stable surface. Using just one set of the legs I am able to also fit extra paper under it. I've set aside the extra legs in case I ever want to use it for something else. After a few months of use I can say this was definitely worth the price and I would buy it again!
By The Practical Woman August 5, 2016
As long as it just sits there, it's fine. If you move it, look out for spare pieces because the thing just falls apart. Also, the top is slippery, so I had to add a grip-pad so that the printer would stay on.
By K3 June 16, 2017
Very sturdy stand that I'm using for my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500. It fits perfectly across the short side, with plenty of room lengthwise for paper handling. I'm using the supplied legs plus the 4 long ones from the extra set. That give me some extra space under it. Very happy.
By Pamela Starr Hadley September 13, 2017
I have this same product with the drawer holding a small printer, which justified the price to me (although that version only has one height leg) ... still not sure I'll keep this one. The short legs make it pretty much exactly the same height as putting the monitor on a ream of paper ... but the ream of paper does not run the chance of a leg being pushed off the back and is infinitely more adjustable. Can't help but think how many reams of paper I could buy for the same money lol.
By West Coast Dreamer July 27, 2016
Bought this to use in my bedroom, mostly to raise my cable box and TV, and slip my small blue ray beneath, to create more space on my dresser top. As a plus, it created clearance for the bulky rear cables, and I was also able to slide my soundbar in front of the new setup. Works perfectly, and holds the weight of a midsized cable box with a 36" flat screen television with absolutely no issue (don't know the weight of the tv or box, so take this for what it might be worth). For the price, fit my needs to a T.
By Mail Debaser January 19, 2016