Regal Art & Gift Solar Flamingo Stake Regal Gift 10679

Regal Art & Gift Solar Flamingo Stake Regal Gift 10679

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  • These unique solar birds stakes bring night time delight to any outdoor area
  • Solar bird stakes
  • Colorful glass bird decor


Add brilliant color and solar-powered light to any garden space with Regal's whimsical Glass Garden Birds.

Looked pretty online but after a little over a month the paint is washing off and the wings and bending/drooping. I'm afraid they're going to fall off. It still lights up unlike the peacock version I ordered... The tail also falls out. I had higher hopes for the price and regret buying it.
By Jessica Bucholtz June 19, 2015
I love the look of this flamingo that is why I am giving it one star, HOWEVER, when I opened it and tried to turn it on the switch did not seem to be right. I put it in the yard and after a full day of sun it did not light up that night. My husband checked it my taking the solar/battery section apart. The insides were COMPLETELY rusted! The battery and every bit of the inside of the solar pack was rusted,and it fell apart because of it. I will go ahead and put it in the yard to look out but am very disappointed that I cant see it light up. Too much money to pay just to look at it, don't waste your money
By Colie R. November 11, 2015
I love this light. So many yard solar lights are cheap plastic and this one is glass and metal and just seems so much nicer. It's not huge and it's an accent light- not meant to light up the yard like an airport, but it's very pretty. I plan to buy the peacock made by the same company.
By Alison S. November 6, 2014
I have two flamingos and really do like them because they are cute and rather unique. I want to caution purchasers that you really do need 8 hours of direct sunlight each day for the solar to work at night. The way the sun moves around in my yard they don't get enough charge so they are rarely on at night. Still cute so I moved them back to the pool area where I can see them.
By Nancy J September 18, 2014
This is bee-u-tee-ful! My garden loves it. It is a bit on the small side but beautiful nonetheless. This little girl is watching over my gonna-be flowers. The solar panel is unobtrusive and she gives off a gentle glow in the evening. Whoops! Just noticed the picture - I put her tail on upside down. Instructions included in package did not indicate this.
By K T-berry May 13, 2015
I purchased two, and both were defective. One had the solar collector broken off its hinge and just hanging, and the other wouldn't stay lit. I'd turn the light on, it would illuminate for half a second, and turn right back off. Yes, it was charged. However, same brand of solar light in peacock variety works great! So...I think it's just a roll of the dice. The seller did arrange the return and refund without hassle.
By Kathy O. September 4, 2015
Love my birds, i bought 3 different ones and they are packed very well. I have a pink, blue, and green in my back yard. One was received broken but there was no problems with returns and getting it replaced.
By vickisgift May 19, 2017
It is an attractive piece ,but poor quality. Worked for a couple days,not very bright. I checked the battery, it was almost dead. Replaced the battery, only worked one day. Unit is not recharging batteries. The clips that hold the battery are defective and won't keep the battery in place. Best to buy locally for easier return.
By Gary April 4, 2016