Trijicon AC31021 Mro Cover Big Rock Sports

Trijicon AC31021 Mro Cover Big Rock Sports

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  • Trijicon AC31021 mro cover
  • Scope lens covers
  • Manufactured in United States

Trijicon AC31021 mro cover. Scope lens covers. This product is manufactured in United States. Scope lens covers.

All I can say to Trijicon is "it's about time". I'm so thankful that the company has put out a cover for the MRO that is of high quality with regard to fit and finish. Even though this particular model can withstand everything short of a bomb, this cover really gives it a second layer of protection. The lens covers are very welcome addition. I previously had to rely on Butler Creek scope covers of which I could only use one for the front as I could never find one for the back that would fit. The scope cover offers the opportunity to leave the lens caps on without having to remove them to shoot through. Usually adding another lens of some type may create some distortion, but not in this case. Trijicon chose their materials wisely in the making of this product. All the controls are fully accessible without any kind of hindrance from the cover.
I have just a few cons regarding this product and they all relate to installation. The lenses are smartly packaged and have covers to protect them from scratching which are extremely difficult to remove. This may just have been the case with mine alone but I hope you have a good set of fingernails and some patience. Had to rely on my wife to remove the film that covered the lenses (right after she got he nails done a few hours before). She lovingly cooperated for her gun nut husband. Putting the cover on was somewhat of a minor fight. The end product is fantastic but getting this cover on your MRO is not going to be something that you're going to do in 30 seconds. Then again you may,so if you did please post up on how you did it.
I'm going to be running my rifle this weekend to determine whether in fact the lens covers can stay on and not have my vision distorted while I run and gun. If they don't function to my liking, I will just fold them onto the side and keep on trucking. No more searching for aftermarket covers and lens caps for this guy. I'm very happy with this product. Get you one, you won't regret it. BTW it's about 10 bucks cheaper on than the Trijicon website.
By jitsumania November 8, 2016
Cover fits red dot well but the lenses should have been installed at factory. It is very difficult to remove the protective film and install the lenses in the cover without causing scratches.
By JS January 19, 2017
I'm glad they finally came out with something like this for the MRO if anything. I had no difficulty at all installing ours, you just need to take it slow and look where you have room to stretch. The fit is excellent and you can definitely tell it will be a nice little extra layer of protection from bad scrapes and hits. I am only deducting one star because of the price. I bought mine from the warehouse deals and it was still just weirdly high for what this is. Not at all 's fault and I still love trijicon, but come on.

Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the lens caps. I don't fault the maker of the product on this one as I don't have a better idea, but they're kind of the way. Kinda thinking of just cutting the caps off as I mainly bought this as a bit of a buffer for the sight itself.
By Amazon Customer April 7, 2017
While this is a very good concept there was a huge flaw with mine. First this was pretty easy to get on the optic. However the rear flip cover would not stay closed. It is suppose to close and lock onto the other part of the case. Due to this being a soft material the cap would push the case and it would not close. This also arrived with a huge scuff on the rear lense making it impossible to see through if I was able to have it closed. Also this case makes it a lot harder to access the dial for the brightness for the red dot. I returned it the same day it arrived for a full refund. Do not waste your time or money on this product.
By Paradox309 March 23, 2018
It took me about 15 minutes to install the lenses and put the cover on the MRO sight. The lenses appear to be very clear. I believe the are polycarbonate, so they will probably scratch over time. I plane to use the MRO with the lens covers closed until they become cratched or cloudy. The rubber appears to be very tough and should last a long time. Don't know how any of it would stand up to freezing temperatures, but that doesn't affect me and where I shoot. I believe the covers are worth the money.
By rsmithedmond March 22, 2017
Perfect fit on an MRO. Go slow and methodically, and do NOT use metal tools! You don't need them...just have faith and take your time. The lenses go on fairly problem free, and once assembled it's top notch protection for your optic.
By Navybat June 18, 2018
Product was great It came quicker than I thought Fits my Red dot perfectly Haven't really got to tested on the field It fits very well So far I'd recommend this to everybody
By Bignguyener January 15, 2017
There are 2 of these types of covers Tango down and Trijicon. This one from Trijicon is extremely tight to put on. I really had to work with it to get on compared to the Tango down which is exactly the same. Just be patient with it when trying to put it on.
By C. Flores August 4, 2018