CUPC Certified N25DW 25mm Replacement Faucet Cartridge Kelica

CUPC Certified N25DW 25mm Replacement Faucet Cartridge Kelica

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • IAPMO/UPC/CSA/NSF certified cartridge, durable for 500,000 times life cycle test
  • Standard 25 mm square stem ceramic cartridge for single handle faucet
  • Additional filter to reduce noise
  • For various single handle faucets

So far so good, we actually installed this and it didn't solve our low flow issue. However, we needed it anyway as the hubby broke the original cartridge (so then we had low flow and a leaking faucet!) when we took apart the faucet to try and figure out why the flow was suddenly so low. He though he could take the cartridge apart to "clean it" and that didn't work out so well as he broke a tab that keeps it sealed together so use our experience and don't try to do that! FYI, Price Pfister is sending us a replacement cartridge free of charge but will take 7-10 days so we'll just keep that one as a backup. So, in the end we put this cartridge in, no more leaks but still low flow. Another reviewer mentioned the hose, so we disconnected the hose from under the sink (that was fun - nearly got a divorce over that experience) and just "cleaned" that end of the hose gently. There's some kind of pressure washer or something at that end of the hose so I cleaned around that piece very gently with one tip of some fine tipped tweezers - and voila - flow restored! I think it was just hard water build up causing that valve or whatever it is called to not function properly. If we had done this from the beginning we would have solved the issue without having to buy this part but it does work. If you have your purchase records and can wait, Pfister will send you what you need free of charge - though most of us can't wait 7-10 days for our kitchen sink faucet to work properly. Luckily we bought the faucet on so it was a quick look up to give Pfister the purchase date. They only asked for the date of purchase and our zip code if that helps anyone. By the way we have the single faucet pull out hose model G133.
By GreenThumb April 19, 2017
Perfect replacement ceramic cartridge at an exceptional price.This 35mm ceramic cartridge will work in place of Mandun B35D 35mm ceramic cartridge and as an added bonus this ceramic cartridge has a screen which filters out debris that may come through the main water line.The screen may clog if you have lime scale in the water like we do here where we live so buy two of these ceramic cartridges so that you can soak one of the ceramic cartridges in vinegar to dissolve the lime scale while you use the second ceramic cartridge so that you will not have to be wthout water in your kitchen.I only ordered one of these ceramic cartridges to make sure the ceramic cartridge fit my faucet but now that I know this ceramic cartridge works for my faucet I will be ordering at least one more to keep on hand as a spare.
By Nelson Echevarria September 17, 2018
I had an GIagni I1-SP Faucet - nice single silver faucet pretty modern bought x few years ago from Lowe's I believe.
It was leaking cold water and after googling - a post recommended changing the cartridge.

*** I looked at the diagram given and measured it with the one I had taken out and it was a great match.

This was a Perfect Fit and the faucet is back as new no longer leaking. Just needed to know how to access it.
The old Cartridge had a defect where the rubber seal wore through. Quick Fix.

By Suresh Kari December 14, 2017
Went on like a dream, easy cheesy. fit perfectly. On your old cartridge,is the model number, it is stamped on the side, It is not a problem to remove the old cartridge, check the number and they should match up. Just remember to turn your water off before removing the old cartridge. Most kitchen sink faucets are 35mm. Installation time is about 3 minutes. That is if you know how to take the faucet apart to start with. I watch a short video on YouTube, of course, I am very mechanically natured. I fix or repair 90% of my own problems.
By skyhog45 September 30, 2016
The hardware store guys claim you have to get a cartridge that exactly matches the one in your faucet, which is a big problem because there are a bunch of different ones and a lot of manufacturers that aren't carried by your local hardware store. At least in my case, the hardware store guys are wrong. I was able to measure the one from my faucet to determine it was 40mm, order this generic replacement, and have it work just fine. It appears that if you have an NFS60 compliant faucet, it will work fine with the right NFS60 compliant cartridge. Yay!
By W. McTeer September 13, 2016
My Jado(American Standard) single lever faucet was leaking, and I could not find the part # M964406-0070J listed on their website. American Standard wanted $18 for the part, and $22 for next day delivery. I took a shot on this N40DW which came to $15.46 including next day delivery, it fits perfectly and stopped the leak:-)
By john walsh June 20, 2018
This replaced the cartridge in our original 7-year-old commercial kitchen faucet perfectly, and are very reasonably priced. Most importantly, the seals on this new cartridge are perfect and the "joystick" control is really smooth in operation (our original one always needed some very slight nudging to position it at exactly the right hot/cold/force mix we perferred). Thank you, we bought two of these so we'd have a long-term backup!
By wjh September 26, 2016
I ordered one of these to fix a slow stream on a Price-Pfister kitchen sink. Turned out it wasn't the valve. It was the hose for the pullout and I ended up buying a new faucet as getting the old hose off was nearly impossible. I sent it back without using it but it appears to be an exact match and looks like good quality. If you wonder what the long legged version looks like click it and roll over the picture on the product page.
By Bonnerauthor February 9, 2016