Picture Hanging Tool: Hang It Perfect Makes Frame Hanging Simple & Fast! Crescent Creative Products HIP36

Picture Hanging Tool: Hang It Perfect Makes Frame Hanging Simple & Fast! Crescent Creative Products HIP36

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  • The most universal, all-in-one, hang & level tool on the market
  • Hangs & levels frames, mirrors, cabinets, shelves and flat screen TV's
  • Evenly spaces grouped frames in addition to hanging & leveling
  • Features a built-in ruler and level. Simply aligns & marks the frame to the wall for you
  • Lighweight and easy use. Collapses for convenient storage
  • BONUS: 50 piece hanging hardware included

There seems to be quite a bit of variance in the reviews of this product. This isn't the greatest product since sliced bread, but neither is it horrible junk.

If used properly, it certainly makes it easier to hang pictures - especially those with two holes or hooks . Using it is simple if you realize that this never holds the pictures.

1. Lay the picture on its front.
2. Hold this device with markings facing you and line up the center of this device with the center of the frame.
3. Place the long part of this device at the top of the frame and adjust the two shorter arms so the the hooks on the device engage the attachment points on the back of the frame
4. Tighten up the knobs
5. Remove the device from the picture frame
6. Place the device against the wall with the markings (and knobs) facing the wall.
7. Align the bottom of the long bar where you want the top of the picture to be
8. While holding the device against the wall, give the bottom of the short bars a firm tap. this will let the "nails" on the device mark the points where you will need to drill the holes (or where the bottom of the picture hanging hooks go if you use those)

The device doesn't need to ever hold a picture, so the arms don't need to be tightened to the point where they hold anything - they just need to not slip while you're holding the device against the wall (without a picture).

So why the three stars?

1. Markings on the back (at least a center point) would be nice. The level works but is a bit wonky at times. I always double check with another level.
2. Seems a bit pricey for what you get
3. The included picture hanging hardware is only suitable for hanging the lightest of pictures
By charles December 20, 2017
The disappointing thing about this tool is that it is close to genius and could be a real problem solver. The problem is, as others have pointed out, it's basically put together backwards. Once your setup is complete, the whole jig should be able to be placed flush against the wall with numbers and level visible. The way it currently fits together, with the knobs touching the wall, offers too much wobble to get the marking pins to indent accurately even though they start out right. Very frustrating.
By tai133 August 13, 2016
DESIGN FLAW: In theory, this tool is great. It allows you to hang almost any type of picture frame on the wall by first using the hooks to center and align the frame. BUT, here's the flaw. When you turn it over and place on the wall, 1- there is no center line markings to align to you mark on the wall and 2 - the yellow knobs on the vertical pieces is against the wall making the horizontal piece off the wall by more than an inch. This makes it difficult to locate and mark your center line with accuracy. It does not sit flush on the wall.
By BobM July 24, 2017
This is a neat tool but has some flaws. The numbers should be printed on both sides of the long rail as they can be critical when trying to find placement on the mounting surface (wall, etc.).

Next, the long rail is many times too long if you're dealing with spaces inbetween wall triming. The inclusion of a short rail would be a bonus.

Additionally, the bubble level slides back and forth on the back side of the rail. This is a handy feature but there should be a way to ensure that it returned to the center of the long rail.

Lastly, the metal pins that make the indentations on the mounting surface should be slightly longer. As currently designed, it can sometimes be awkward in getting them make their indentations.

This product is a 5-star thought with a 3-star execution.
By DeeAyGee July 7, 2017
This is a good idea with a very poor implementation. In practice this often makes hanging pictures more difficult. The videos show that you just put it up against the wall and start to hang - but in reality you're going to be precisely measuring height and location on the wall. Since the level is on the back, the knobs push this way out from the wall, making it really difficult to line up with any other markings you've made on the wall. There's also no measurements on the back, so you can't level and measure at the same time. Finally, the metal markers are dull and useless. They barely dent the wall enough to be able to tell where they were.
By codehtmai January 21, 2018
Best damn tool i have bought in a long time. works great.. hung 9 pictures in my mother n laws i did it in 20 mins. BOOM>> no extra holes. no mess and i didn't have to hear about how great her new Boyfriend is.. it's a life saver.
By jayson December 4, 2017
This is actually a great tool, and it is very helpful at ensuring that you hang things level. I only give it three stars, though, because there are a couple of design flaws. (1) The tool is about 38" wide. So if you're hanging something on a wall that's smaller than that, the tool can't be used. (2) When you turn the tool around to make the marks on the wall, the knobs keep the tool from fitting flush on the wall. So you have to rock the tool down to make the marks, which has caused me to slightly move the whole thing and lose the levelness.
Other than those two details, it has been worth it. We just moved to a new house and had lots of things to hang!
By Paulette September 9, 2017
Makes mounting paintings a breeze. Got it because I had a few artworks I wanted to hang around the house and needed a tool to help speed up the positioning of the mounting hooks and this did the trick. Each artwork took only a few minutes to put up, whereas without this tool it would have taken 15 minutes or more and there would be all these pencil marks on the wall.
Only thing is I wish the 2 arms for positioning the nails' locations were 3 inches longer. Other than that really happy with the tool. Nice innovation.
By lasgiddi January 13, 2018