GUND Sesame Street Abby with Flowers Stuffed Animal 320721

GUND Sesame Street Abby with Flowers Stuffed Animal 320721

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  • Abby Cadabby plush with accurate details holding a yellow flower
  • Soft, huggable material built to famous GUND quality standards
  • Surface-washable
  • Ages 1+
  • 11 inch height (28 cm)

Style:Abby Cadabby

Product Description

GUND has teamed up with Sesame Street to help you slow down and smell the roses! Everyone loves Abby Cadabby, and now you can bring home your very own version of the popular character holding a lovely plush flower. Accurate character details are sure to please Sesame Street enthusiasts of all ages, making this product a perfect gift for the holidays. As always, high-quality and huggable soft plush ensures that GUND products remain loyal pals for years to come. Surface-washable. Appropriate for ages one and up. About GUND: For more than 100 years, GUND has been a premier plush company recognized worldwide for quality innovative products. Building upon our award-winning and beloved plush designs, we continue to practice innovation by constantly developing new original and licensed designs to appeal to the next generation of customers. To that end, each one of our plush toys is constructed from premium materials for unparalleled softness and huggability.

From the Manufacturer

Abby Cadabby has a positive outlook… as she holds a flower… and thinks about her wonderful day. Abby fans will love her flower accessory, and at 11" tall… she's the perfect size for pretend doll play.

My daughter's best friend and can't live without it doll. Before Abby, she never had anything she was physically attached to besides Mommy and Daddy. Now, she has Abby to "cuddle" with at night, to hold when she's mad at us or in trouble she calls for Abby. She even wanted me to paint Abby's toes lol! Abby is a must everywhere but daycare.
By Junshawnta August 5, 2015
Wonderful. My 18mo daughter loves Abby, and finding one that didn't look wonky wasn't easy. This looks just like the fairy. A lot of them, that I passed on, didn't quite look like her, the features, or the hair looked lazily constructed.

Although the dress is slightly off, I'm willing to compromise, because I know it will last longer as a solid skirt instead of her feather style dress. Oh and my daughter loves her! She plays with it multiple times a day, takes naps with her sets her in her high chair when she eats and she brings a smile to our faces as well.

She's soft, but well stitched and constructed, as you expect from Gund. She's only been with us for a month or so, but I know she'll stay together for years to come.
By Ron Kantrowitz June 16, 2017
This is such a pretty little doll! =)
I bought Rosita as a birthday gift for one of the children I care for as a nanny. Upon opening the box, I realized that I can't part with beautiful little Rosita, so I'm back to order a second one for gift-giving! =)
Rosita's colors are lovely and bright, and her plush "fur" is soooo silky and soft!! Just an absolutely precious little plush doll for any child (or child-at-heart) who loves Rosita on Sesame Street! =)
Rosita is a high-quality plushie (Gund never disappoints!), so very soft and huggable, and super pretty!! (She has aqua-blue fur, a flocked orange nose, accents of purple and orange above her eyes, and a little yellow hair bow. She looks very much like the "real" Rosita on Sesame Street!) =)
I highly recommend this well-made, cuddly, lovely plush friend!! =)
By Thelma February 25, 2016
Im a little disappointed. I bought this to give to a coworkers one year old daughter. Im worried that the fur will come out and I don't like how Big Bird's mouth is open. It's kind of creepy, like a frozen scream. And I think the one I got has a little bit of a lazy eye. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but Big Bird didn't have one. I hope the kid isn't scared of it.
By Lilly E. October 5, 2015
Who doesn't love Grover, right?!
This is really cute however it is smaller than expected. It is 15 inches tall but the body itself if I'm being generous is only 6 inches wide and that's counting both arms at his side. Measuring ear to ear and up and over his nose measures 9 Inches, but that is only in that ONE area. He is adorable but I was expecting something a little bigger overall for the price I paid. The other thing that I really didn't like was that it was shipped by being wrapped up tight in a plastic ball a little smaller than a softball. Not very nice getting something brand new and having it look all wrinkled. Doesn't matter so much for Grovers fur but his helmet and cape show all the wrinkles. I'm giving it as a gift so I want it to look new not like something I grabbed out my own kids old toy box.
By Wildlife Watcher August 14, 2014
This was a Christmas gift, it's not been used for two months and after one wash the doll broke and the head became unattached. My LO does not know it broke and now somehow I have to find a way to re-attach it.
Not worth $25 and certainly not the quality I was expecting from Gund.
By Laura P. February 16, 2017
My son LOVES the Count. So it was pretty magical to watch his mouth drop open and face light up when he saw this doll. He very carefully took him from me and put him in his favorite chair and gave him his blankie and juice, like an honored guest. This doll really is very well done with great little details. While I was disappointed that it was more expensive than the other characters, the extra care and attention its design received kind of made me feel like it was worth it. If you have a Count lover in the family, don't hesitate!
By Catherine May 20, 2016
Grandaughter loving it. Ordered this Abby doll and the Abby Cadabby Hoodie, as Abby and Elmo are her favorite. What we love about is a couple clicks on my phone and poof .. it's on it's way .. and fairly quick also. See pic's attached. Luvin it....

If you order hoodie see this...She just turned 2 and wears 3T-4T normally so we ordered 1 size larger (5T) after reading previous reviews .. fits great .. looks great .. good quality. She loves the wings on back.
By Amazon Customer July 24, 2017