Boraam 71842 Florence Pub Table, 42-Inch, Black Boraam Industries INC

Boraam 71842 Florence Pub Table, 42-Inch, Black Boraam Industries INC

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  • Solid hardwood construction for strength and stability
  • 30" diameter top; 42" overall height
  • Carved pedestal and apron; Claw and ball feet
  • Sunburst veneer top; Bar height for dining, game playing
  • Large diameter pedestal for stability; Beautiful Black finish


The 42-Inch Florence Pub Table in Black from Boraam Industries features... Solid hardwood construction. 30" diameter top. 42" overall height. Carved pedestal and apron. Claw and ball feet. Sunburst veneer top. Solid hardwood for strength. Bar height for dining, game playing. Large diameter pedestal for stability. Beautiful Black finish. Boraam Industries was established in 2001 and is renowned for quality furniture in a classic, casual style. Boraam provides well-styled, high-quality home furnishings and furniture at affordable prices. Their highly qualified team comes with many years of experience in the furniture industry and the result is elegant classical and contemporary designs at a very reasonable price. From bar stools to pub tables, baker's racks to dinette sets and much, much more-Boraam Industries will have what you're looking for. Recommended for residential use only.

It's beautiful in person in Cappuccino. Very sturdy.. not too heavy yet Solid wood.. Worth buying for sure.
By CINNAMON April 25, 2016
Great table for the money! This is made very well and easy to put together!
By Anthony Lastomirsky January 21, 2015
Very, very nice table.
I purchased this with the matching chairs that they suggested. They are perfect together.

Literally, it was about 25 minutes from start to finish to unpack and assemble this table by myself. There are like 7 pieces and like 16 bolts to affix.
There is a hex tool and a small metal wrench included for assembly. I suggested using a socket/ratchet type wrench if you have one though. Using that tiny metal wrench inside the pedestal of the table is fine but is not ideal.

The table was shipped in two boxes. The table top was in one box and the pedestal and feet in another box. It was very well packed. Each piece was wrapped individually.

One thing that is really nice is that the holes are not just drilled into the wood. There are metal threads in every hole, which makes lining up the holes and inserting the bolts very easy to do. The feet have pre-set bolts and are very easy to align.

The wood is not light and cheap feeling at all. It has some heft to it and is very sturdy. After assembling, there was no wobble. It was extremely sturdy. I expected something much less substantial with marginal quality. That is not the case at all.

There are no obnoxious odors like some furniture has from glues or stains.

The entire table is made of wood, including the top surface. Of course, it can scratch like any wood surface, but that is not unusual.

I chose the cappuccino color. It is actually similar to a dark walnut brown.

This is part of a gift for my husband for our anniversary and I am confident that he will really like it. It is a very nice table and the matching chairs area perfect for it. The dragon chess set I got for him looks fantastic displayed on it. It is something that is elegant enough for women to appreciate but definitely perfect for a manly decor for a game room.
By D. Briscoe December 26, 2014
I bought this table for one purpose only... To set a 4ft Christmas tree on in our livingroom during Christmas. We have cats... and no matter what I did, I couldn't keep them out of our 7ft Christmas tree every year. So last year before Christmas I decided I would go on the hunt for a tall pub table and just get a small tree to put on top. This was one of the best purchases I ever made!!! The table looks beautiful! It really looks like one of those expensive ones you would find in an upscale furniture store. I can't get over how heavy and solid it is. If I had a breakfast nook I would definitely use it all year round, but since I don't I keep it in my spare bedroom and only use it during Christmas time.
By Georgia June 19, 2018
I like this table. The table's appears pretty solid and sturdy once assembled. No loose joints or flimsy construction. However be aware that the central column is NOT a solid core but rather it's hollow. Regardless the central column feels pretty stable. Overall the quality of construction and appearance is very good. The color appears rich and vibrant.

However please note that the table is pretty tall in person than estimating from the picture. I measured it to be approximately 42 inches. Maybe it's just me but placing this against my standard 29 inch bar stools it appears tower over the stools. Perhaps a couple inch shorter at 40 inches would look more proportional to my 29 inch bar stools. But again it may just me. Regardless just be aware that it's pretty tall and any stools less than 29" will look very disproportional relative to this table. You been warned.

Other than this disclaimer I really like this table. Looks nice next to my pool table.
By Bruce Lee July 12, 2018
I absolutely love this table! I have a very small space (especially since we are redoing the kitchen). This is a perfect setup. I was worried that 4 chairs would be to much for this small table, but it works nicely. Also the table has screws on the bottom for unlevel spaces.
By Swoboda August 19, 2016
This is a very nice table, made entirely of wood, with the exception of the small particle board platform that attaches the table to the center leg. There's even some nice veneer work on its top! My only complaint is that it wobbled after assembly. I corrected some of this simply by shaving about 1/3 of the diameter off of the positioning dowel in the one leg that seemed to measure lower than the rest, as the screw holes had some play in them which would allow shifting the leg lower if the dowel were shaved. But it still wobbled some. After this, I thought perhaps one of the feet, which appeared to be of the type that simply nails into the legs, could be removed, and a shim policed under it, making that leg slightly longer. But, upon fiddling with one, I discovered that they are actually mounted to threaded shafts, and that they can be screwed in, or out, to aid in leveling the table. Had I not been able to level it, I'd have purchased another one, and upon receiving it, I'd have experimented with the legs and center shaft of both tables, interchanging them until I got one table to sit level, and then I'd have returned the other one. I don't go to such extremes unless I really like a product. 'Nuf said!
By BlueSteve December 17, 2015
I love this table : )), Exactly what I wanted. The craftsmanship is very nice not to mention the rich dark black color which adds to this sturdy well crafted piece. It's made of solid wood not like some others. Don't think you can get any better for the price....It's actually worth more! It was very simple to put together, One person can do it. I had a time searching for the right chairs because this table is pub sized/ taller then the average but I aced it!! : )) w/ 40" chairs. Anything shorter then that wouldn't work. I gave it 4 stars only becuz the wood (which obviously couldn't stand) the temperature of a hot plate of food...caused the wood to slightly discolor. I'm shopping around now for the tempered glass top as a protectant covering for this table so no other heat damage spots occur.
By Simone Smith December 12, 2015