BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft - Dark Gray/Gray, Jersey Cotton 005084US

BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft - Dark Gray/Gray, Jersey Cotton 005084US

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  • FULL BODY SUPPORT: Doctor approved, ergonomic design distributes baby’s weight evenly for comfort and provides full support to your baby’s back, neck and head. Can be used from birth to age 2 (minimum weight 7.8 lbs/3.5 kg)
  • VERSATILE: The perfect addition to life with a baby! Baby can sleep or self-entertain (toy bar sold separately) while you shower, prepare a meal, or complete other household tasks, plus the fabric seat is removeable and machine washable!
  • 4 POSITIONS: Play, rest, sleep, and transport. The bouncer is quietly and easily adjusted to cater to baby’s needs on a whim and can also be folded flat for easy storage and portability. Once your child can sit without help, turn fabric seat around and bouncer doubles as a chair
  • BALANCE + MOTOR SKILLS: Baby quickly learns to control the bouncer’s natural rocking movements with their own, helping to develop a sense of balance and hone motor skills; no batteries required
  • CHILD SAFE DESIGN: All bouncers are free from harmful substances and approved according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products; available in 3 materials: soft cotton, cotton/jersey, and airy quick-drying mesh in a variety of colors
  • Provides fun and natural bouncing
  • Proper back and head support
  • Bouncer and chair in one
  • Suitable for both rest and play
  • Developed with Pediatricians

 We love this bouncer. I particularly like that it doesn't require battery. We bought this about 3 months ago and it's holding up well. I machine wash the cover and let it dry out on our balcony. Our son is almost 5 months old and he figured out how to bounce it all by himself about a month ago. Love it!
By Nandin August 13, 2017
I think this is my first ever review because I am so impressed with this baby bouncer. My once colicky baby is instantly soothed by this bouncer. Our little girl is 5 weeks old and is not impressed with any of our other baby "gadgets." We have a swing, a rock and play, a glider, a little vibrating seat, and a mamaroo type machine. The only thing that seems to calm her down when she is in the middle of one of her colic spells is bouncing her pretty quickly in our arms or on our legs. This can be incredibly tiring after awhile. I began to search for a baby bouncer and quickly realized that all of the powered bouncers provided very small and smooth bouncing motion. My baby prefers a quick bouncing motion, this is truly the only thing that will calm her down and give us all some peace in our home. Enter the BabyBjorn bouncer. I was hesitant to purchase it because it isn't motorized and relies on the baby's movements (or your movement with your feet) to move the bouncer. Once I opened it and got it set up (which was the easiest, quickest thing ever), I put my baby in it and placed my foot at the base, started rocking my foot up and down, and she started easily (and quickly!) bouncing up and down. She instantly calmed down. This has absolutely been the best purchase for us!! Within a few minutes of being in the bouncer she falls asleep, and she is a baby that did not sleep much prior to this. If you have a fussy baby that can only be calmed down by rapid bouncing, BUY this! You will not regret it. We now have a HAPPY smiley baby more times than not thanks to this bouncer.
By Amazon Customer November 1, 2017
Absolutely the best bouncer ever made ( saying this as a father of 4 kids from newborn to a 16 year old). We've seen them all, now we have the only one we'll ever need. This is perfect for traveling too. We bought a "gate checkin" red bag here in that is made for umbrella strollers, fits perfectly. The absolute best features of the BabyJorn bouncer, is the mesh seat with contour body shape that gives the perfect hammock with ideal ventilation. The actual wind even helps the bouncer keep bouncing. It's genius and no batteries needed.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who is having a baby, look no more, this is it. They will love you for it. Don't take my word for it, just look at our relaxed baby (photo attached).
By Ignacio Hernandez Jr. July 31, 2017
We didn’t think we needed a bouncer because we had a swing, rock n play, and other spots to put baby. Man, were we wrong! We visited my sister when my son was 3.5 months old and plopped him in her Bjorn. He looooved it. We knew we needed our own, so we found one on (on saw!!!). What a life changer. My son is very high needs, always wanting to be held and bounced. This bouncer allowed us to eat dinner together without holding a baby, and I could do laundry and get things done!! Game. Changer. I’m so mad we didn’t have this for the first four months of his life as they were so very challenging on me as a stay at home Mom. He’s now 6 months old and LOVES his bjorn still. This is a must have.
By Amy Clark May 3, 2018
This was the best investment, and I'd buy it all over again if I had to. My daughter is 9 months and we've literally used it everyday since she was about a month old. All too often we purchase items the baby grows out of it at 3 or 6 months; this one is still going strong! This bouncer won't necessarily entertain your little one, but it's perfect for when you need to take a shower or get ready. Since it folds down flat (winning!) we keep it in our closet and set it up in our bathroom when we're getting ready in the morning. I'm a minimalist (I can't having all the baby "stuff" laying around the house) so this is ideal.
By Stephanie W. June 2, 2017
I did NOT want to love this bouncer as much as I do. I felt like it was way over-priced for such a minimalist​ bouncy chair, but let me tell you, after three months, this is my favorite piece of baby gear. It has different height/angle settings for different stages and needs, and is the only one I found that is appropriate for a newborn without full head control. Now that baby is a bit bigger, we use it to hold her while I cook dinner, get stuff done, or if baby is fussy before naps. If she falls asleep in the bouncer, no problem, I can just lower the angle so that she is better positioned for sleeping. The "bounciness" is very receptive to baby's movements and soothes her, much more so than our other more traditional bouncy chair. My only complaint is that the cover takes a while to line dry, which we have to do often because baby becomes so relaxed in this chair that we now call it her "pooping chair"!
By Ketch October 19, 2017
This chair is awesome, Baby Bjorn does not disappoint when it comes to high quality baby items. The grey fabric is mesh-like and breathable, easy to clean. The two best features of the chair are that it reclines in 3 different positions and 1 flat position for easy storage/travel and that you can flip the grey fabric part around to convert it into a toddler chair- that makes both my kids over the moon happy!! I opted not to purchase the Baby Bjorn activity bar but bought the Tiny Love Take-Along Arch, My Nature Pals Stroll activity bar for $25 instead.
By KayS September 4, 2017
This is our son’s favorite! I love that he is learning to control his motions since it is baby-powered. We like that we can watch him enjoy himself. The flatter setting allows us to easily bounce him to sleep in his swaddle before we move him to the crib. The fabric is easy to remove and wash, and it folds very flat when not in use.

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By Nicholas R. Hart January 2, 2018