Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light with 6 Nature Sounds, FM Radio, Color Light, Bedside Sunrise Simulator (White) MOSCHE

Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light with 6 Nature Sounds, FM Radio, Color Light, Bedside Sunrise Simulator (White) MOSCHE

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  • 6 Natural Sounds & FM Radio -- 6 natural sounds such as pure music, birds, forest, waves, beeping and so on, which let you revel in the sounds and smells of nature. As well as FM radio, if you don't want to wake up, you can choose your favorite sound.
  • 7 Colors With Adjustable Brightness -- There are six color lights and an adjustable warm light you can choose to light your room. You can set the color light to auto-converse one by one, or just choose a loved color stand to beam your room. The warm light has ten brightness level that suits all situations you are.
  • Sunrise Simulation Wake Up -- 30 minutes before your alarm time, the wake-up light brighten from 0% of brightness to 100% gradually and bring you out of a deep sleep gently. The natural sound or radio will be played for 2 minutes at the alarm time, bringing you a fresh morning.
  • New Solution For Sleeping Aid -- with using sunset simulation function and setting the time sunset lasts, the alarm clock will emit a weak light to help to sleep. When the light turned off it’s the time to sleep.
  • Packing list includes -- 1*Sunrise Wake-Up Light,1* 5V/1A Power Adapter, 1* 1USB Cable; 1*User Manual.

Love this alarm clock. I didn't know how if this concept would actually work, but it really does. I am not a morning person, I have a really hard time waking up and I'm one of those people that pushes the snooze button several times before I can get up. I have not been doing this since I go this clock.

How it works, you set the alarm time for the time you need to be awake. Thirty (30) minutes before that time, the light comes on - very dimly at first and then it slowly grows brighter. It's not like turning on a light, it's a progressive yellowish color light like sunlight. It makes your room a yellow-orange color at it's brightest. I have a large bedroom, it will light up the entire room. At the time you have the alarm set for is when it will make the sound (various beeps, nature sounds, or the radio are your options). So if you set the alarm for 7:00 a.m., the "sunlight" begins rising at 6:30 a.m., and the alarm sounds at 7.

I wake up before the sound goes off every morning, somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes before, just because oft the "sunrise." And it's a natural progressive waking up, not being blasted awake. It has an opposite feature for at night, of the "sun" going down, but I never use that.

Other positive: You can turn off the clock light at night so no glaring light from the time! Love that!
By Jennifer Holloway July 4, 2018
Good alarm clock, with a few shortcomings. I like this clock, it does what its supposed to, and I wake up at a consistently early time so it simulates the sun prior to dawn. It does not have multiple alarm settings, so you have to edit the time to change your alarm time. I use this with an alarm on my phone as a safety alarm. It is not completely stable if not on a flat surface. The buttons are not always responsive, which can make it challenging to turn off the light in the morning, and it requires you to "scroll" through the colored light to turn completely off. I do not use the radio function.

Overall, it is nice looking, and does help me wake up more refreshed.
By A. Sheridan May 30, 2018
There is no significant difference in quality between this model and the more expensive $100 dollar model that phillips makes. It's been working fine for me, helping me to wake up earlier, and I use it in conjunction with my phone alarm. The light turns on 30 minutes before the alarm itself goes off, and the light becomes successively brighter. I don't usually wake up from the light, but having the light in my face when I first open my eyes has worked wonders in helping me get out of bed.

Save your money, and buy this model.
By Michael Corey Munn June 16, 2018
Wow. All I can say is wow. We moved from a place near the equator to a place in the north. The first winter was brutal. My child with sensory integration issues had a particularly difficult time. He couldn't understand why we would make him exit his bed before the sun came up. It just wasn't fair! No matter what methods we used, every morning began in tears. I buy a ton of things on but rarely leave a review. I felt like I just had to this time. This clock is AMAZING! My son is particularly sensitive to sound, so it was fantastic that he could choose a sound that wasn't upsetting. The light woke him gently and effectively. He came downstairs all by himself. ALL BY HIMSELF PEOPLE! I didn't write a review the first day because I was afraid it was a fluke. Now we are well into our first week of school and early mornings, and I am a believer. BUY THIS CLOCK!
By jessier August 15, 2018
Seems well put together right out-of-the-box. Time and travel will tell how well it wears, but the materials seems like very good quality. This one doesn't have the metal tab on the cover, which was a selling point for me, nothing to scratch or snag as it's taken in and out of a sling satchel. It's not a man purse, it's called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one. The magnets make for a very satisfying catch when the cover is closed, and also when the cover is folded over to make the stand.

UPDATE: While adventuring like Indy, I accidentally flung my Dell Venue 8 Pro onto concrete. From about 4 feet up, it hit hard enough to pop the screen out of the computer frame, but the Fintie case held on and was itself bent a little. After popping everything back together, the computer worked fine, and the case showed nary a scratch. Good case!
By Johnny Rico Starship Trooper May 14, 2014
It sounds dumb, but this alarm clock changed my life. I was tired of waking up in a dark room to a loud annoying alarm. This alarm clock is soothing. I wake up to a nice, pleasant tone (which is plenty loud. If anyone knows how to turn down the volume hit me up). I find myself humming that tone throughout the day. And the light feature is fantastic. It makes for a great bedside lamp.
By Tab June 23, 2018
Really good alarm clock that I never had before. It’s worth the price. I like it.
By vivi June 20, 2018
My partner and I decided to use this clock as part of our wellness plan. This plan includes the now "famous" waking up at 5:30 every morning. We struggled some before we received this clock. However now that we have it the "sunrise" has been very helpful. I am not sure though that it shouldn't be a bit brighter when it maxes out near the 30 minute point. But it has worked. I find myself "noticing" the light at around 5:15 and then I'll float back to sleep until the music starts.

The music. Yeah, seven tracks of goodness - right? No. The music quality is terrible. There has to be a way that they could have at very little extra cost included higher quality tracks. It sounds like I am playing with a child's wind up toy that talks when you wind it up - or at least the toys that were around when I was a kid (they're probably in HD sound now)

All that said, I did give this four stars because it is doing what we bought it to do - helping us wake up and STAY up more easily in the morning. The next challenge is 4:30 a.m.

Let's do it!
By Cam September 6, 2018