Bedazzler Stud & Rhinestone Setting Machine - NIB 8011

Bedazzler Stud & Rhinestone Setting Machine - NIB 8011

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  • The Original BeDazzler - 2000 NIB - Put the Funk back in Fashion!
  • Set Includes: Be-Dazzler Machin, Size 20 Plunger, Size 34 Plunger, Size 40 Plunger, Size 60 Plunger
  • 30 Size #20 Diamond Cut Studs, 15 Size #40 Flatbead Studs
  • New Insertion Tool and Instructions

This is a brand new; factory sealed Bedazzler Stud & Rhinestone Setting Machine! Stored & Shipped FAST by Amazon!

This was the most money wasted and I wouldn't dare think of this for a gift. Maybe I just got a reject. No, I definitely got a reject. Not sure how all the other reviews got 5 stars. I looked at others before getting this one, some with negative reviews but, this one had all good reviews. I figured it was a good choice. NOT!!!

Anyway, this is a very cheaply made machine that is WAY overpriced, and the operation is so inaccurate that I ended up redoing the studs I tried with it on a simple T Shirt and denim jeans. Points bent this way, that way and some not even. Fact, it's easier to do by hand with your nail or a spoon especially if you end up doing each one over anyway. No disrespect intended. Just telling like it is. This can't still be in production. Look for something else!
By Japers August 26, 2015
This is a great little machine to embellish those outdated jean jackets you have or dress up a baseball cap for yourself. Bling is in and hope it stays forever.
By CJ July 5, 2013
My granddaughter and I love love this Bedazzeler. So easy and beautiful! We will be using this for a long long time!
By Cheryl August 31, 2013
By Geenza April 29, 2017
Easy to use, having fun with it!
By L. Ledford January 15, 2015
What can i say its great for making your friends pay eitjer for a prank or a lost bet yoy can alwasys find a new way to ruin there day and make everyone else's's
By Zachary brimmer May 16, 2016