Kikkerland Bathmat, Anchor, Natural Rubber High Grip Suction Cup, 27 by 15-Inches HW37

Kikkerland Bathmat, Anchor, Natural Rubber High Grip Suction Cup, 27 by 15-Inches HW37

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  • No-slip super-suction bottom suckers
  • Designed by formulation
  • Mildew resistant Natural rubber
  • Bath mat is latex free
  • Measures 27 by 15-inch

Style Name:Anchor

Drop anchor for a luxurious bath or safe and fun shower. Textured, mildew resistant natural rubber surface prevents slips, while secure suction cups on the bottom keeps the mat right where you want it. Clean gently using a bleach water solution every two weeks and hang dry.

The first thing I noticed after opening the package for this product was that I didn't smell any chemicals, the way you normally do when you get a bathmat or similar products. In fact, I didn't smell anything (and I'm hyper-sensitive to smells usually). So I have to assume that the claims of it being natural are accurate, which is great.

It sticks to the tub floor well/easily (doesn't float up - the suction works), seems to stay clean (we haven't had it long, but wanted to mention that I've had no issues - compared with another review that said it started to mildew within a day), and is really cute.

Now I have to say that "cute" wasn't my priority in this purchase, but we use it in our tub for our 16-month-old daughter so she doesn't slip, and the first thing she did was point to the owl's eyes and say, "Eye." Then she walked back and forth along it (I assume because bubbles from the suction cups felt different on her feet), giggling and smiling. After I'd taken it out of the tub to dry, she pulled it from the side of the tub (of course) and began walking on it with the suction cups facing up...again, giggling and smiling...back and forth, for a good five minutes. It kept her occupied long enough that I could do a quick clean of the bathroom and get ready - which, as a busy mom, was a HUGE win in my book.

Highly recommend. And not just because it's cute.

UPDATE: We've now used this bathmat almost daily for ~15 months, and only recently has it begun to slightly curl up around the edges. No mildew. No weird smells. None of that slimey feel that you sometimes get with other bathmats if you don't always remember to pull it up to dry (which honestly, with a toddler, we don't). This product is worth every penny. I'm planning to replace it in the next few months (with the identical style), but only because our current one is starting to look ever-so-slightly worn...we could probably continue using it for another 6-12 months if we really wanted to.
By L. Clark April 6, 2012
I did quite a bit of research before I chose what bathmat we wanted to have in the tub because we have two children under the age of 2 and safety is huge concern! We've only had the mat about two months now, maybe less and it is already breaking down. The blue design on top has separated from the rubber and is curling up around the edges. We are sadly just outside of the return window so now we are stuck with a poorly made product that may end up being a safety concern for our family versus the original intent. There's also seemingly no way to contact the company to alert them to this safety issue - what a shame that they don't make themselves available for customer feedback.
By ccartiera February 17, 2017
This is a great bath mat. I searched quite a bit and read a lot of reviews before finding this mat. It is just the right size,not too big, not too small and covers most of the central part of the tub. It stays put even though we have a slight texture on the bottom of our tub which is something that other reviewers complained about. It is natural rubber which I love, and has a soft fabric-like front which is very nice and comfortable for the kids....and the design is adorable! I bought it for my nine month old to keep him from slipping and my 6 year old loves it too! I was worried that the material(not exactly sure what it is) would not dry fast enough and would mildew but I pull it out each night and hang it and it dries right away and after a month and a half it shows no signs of mold or odor even though we have had a very humid summer.
A year and a half later, this product is showing signs of wear and so while originally I gave it 5 stars I am downgrading it to 4. The fabric coating has started to peel away from the edges, quite a bit on one side. I have had to soak it in a bleach solution a couple times in order to give it a good deep clean as eventually mildew does build up around the underside of the suction cups, so perhaps that is why the fabric is coming apart. I'm not too upset as it is still a great product. I have not really had any major mildew issues on the fabric, and the buildup on the suction cups it totally normal with a product that is used in water. Bottom line, this bathmat is still so much nicer than most, and is soft for a young child to sit on, and so I would still recommend it and would even consider buying another one. Some things are just not meant to last forever, and this may be one of them.
By LKP August 18, 2011
The good:
1. It adheres relatively well to a textured tub which nothing else I have tried does
2. Larger than most of the comparable options though it could be longer in my opinion
3. Very cute - at least at first
4. Good no slip surface

The bad:
1. Discolors quickly with the white turning a yellowish and the blue fading significantly
2. Mold appeared within a couple months top and bottom even though it was hung to dry daily
3. Once mold appears, there is no getting rid of it

With that in mind, I'm likely going to buy another because it is a great mat even though it has a short life. For the price, it's one of those things where I'd rather spend the money every few months for something that works well and provides the level of safety for my child that I'm looking for.
By Ethan D. May 4, 2016