eXpace 20 Inch Folding Step Stool, Extra Wide Plastic for Adults Supports up to 500 lbs Non Slippery Safe Multipurpose Platform with Folding Inner Leg for Extra Support, Black

eXpace 20 Inch Folding Step Stool, Extra Wide Plastic for Adults Supports up to 500 lbs Non Slippery Safe Multipurpose Platform with Folding Inner Leg for Extra Support, Black

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  • Extra wide heavy duty folding step stool! Making it the FIRST OF ITS KIND, WORLDWIDE!
  • Extra wide grip striped rubber material creates non-slippery standing platform.
  • Folds up flat for easy carry and storage. Multipurpose use for kitchen, bathroom, office or garage.
  • Original patent pending structure and design with additional first of its kind inner leg for extra safety and property load capacity management.
  • SGS certified tested load capacity to hold up to 500 lbs.

This product is very well made. I purchased it for our camper when I step down off the bed. The width and the height is perfect. It's very sturdy and stays in place when being stepped on and I'm a big gal.
By Scubagal June 2, 2018
Super sturdy like the 500 lb. weight limit would suggest. I weigh 260 lbs and I can get up on this thing and hop all day long and feel secure.
The fact that it's 20" wide (as you can see in the photo it's actually 19 1/2" wide but I'll get over it :) really makes a difference in feeling stable while changing a light bulb or any kind of reaching up over your head.
It's 9" tall which is easy to get up on but gives you that extra you need.
The white design on the top is the rubbery/grippy texture which makes it that much better and slip resistant.
I really have no complaints about it. It only weighs a couple of pounds so it's quite easy to move around.
There are also rubber tabs in the four corners of the feet that touch the ground so it's not gonna slip out from under you while you're climbing up on it.
It was $29.99 when I bought it and that does seem a hair on the pricey side but then again I've never had one of these collapsible stools feel quite this stable and secure.
By CurnoworNever July 31, 2018
Works fantastic for WRIGLEY.... 90lbs (Great Swiss Mountain Dog. ) Normal Ramps or Stairs were/are either BIG.. bulky.. or too high/or/clumsy.
Tnx $$
By Steven Sremaniak June 17, 2018
I had full intentions of returning it after trying it out... but I ended up keeping it. I had originally purchased two other smaller units from this maker and decided that it'd be a good idea to have an additional folding step stool in my laundry room. This 20" step stool was just right! I'm a fairly short person and my washer and dryer sits atop a platform/pedestal. This made it a challenge for me every time I would need to reach the overhanging cabinets for detergent and other items. Believe it or not, this stool can withstand 500 lbs.!! Its American designed, so you know it'll function correctly and wide enough to allow stepping from side to side. I'm amazed of how sturdy the stool feels - inner leg and locking feature to ensure safety when in use. Expace, you've done it again!!!
By Tom April 17, 2018
Originally 1 star. My 1st one arrived broken. Returned for a refund & then bought another one. Center folding support was detached on one side & where it mounts, it's chipped & broken. Even if I could get it back in there, (which seems very difficult,) that would always be a weak point. eXpace jumped right on top of this and helped me out with a replacement. This 2nd one is good to go. Makes a loud crack type noise every time that I unfold it, (like the broken one did,) but everything seems good with this one and help up my 215-220 lbs. I'm hoping the cracking sound isn't something binding in a similar way that may have caused the 1st one to break.
By Rumblefish June 11, 2018
It is good stool, more solid quality than you could think. When step on it, you won't feel any flimsy like other cheap stuff. Plus its folderable function makes it really easy to carry. Recommend buy for only $30.
By Fred. Y April 7, 2018
First know that since we do use this with our RV we are well aware that some campsites are on sand or dirt or simply less than stable surroundings so my husband cut a piece of 1/2" plywood that is wider and deeper than where the stool feet set down. We were glad to have it on our last trip, as we did use the plywood but only a couple of times. 90% of the time the stool is perfect as is. For the other 10% the plywood seals the deal and I did not have a single bit of knee pain the entire time, which is really amazing considering the number of times I went up and down the steps. We have owned this RV since 2002 ... oh how my knees wish I had found this stool back then!!! Better late than never! (BTW, we were in the process of setting up a new town home this last trip and I brought the stool into my kitchen to access the upper shelves PERFECT!)
By Peg September 6, 2018
I am having trouble with my rv step, I bought this to have as a back up, but mostly because my 87 year old parents were driving with us on a trip. The step literally was used 3 days before it broke in the hotel parking lot dropping my parents off. Luckily it broke/collapsed on me and not my parents and I wasn’t hurt. The reviews say it is sturdy and safe, but it is not. Really unhappy with this product, because it was purchased to save me money, but now I am going to end up paying twice as much for a aluminum step that is safe. Might b ok in a kitchen or home where it doesn’t get any use.
By Freeze July 10, 2018