Graco Folding Travel Potty, White/Green 16005

Graco Folding Travel Potty, White/Green 16005

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  • Polypropylene
  • Non-slip rubber padding and a locking mechanism ensure stability. Fits most standard and elongated toilets
  • Polypropylene
  • Wash with mild soap and water

Product Description

Potty training on-the-go made possible! Whether going for groceries or going to see grandma, make sure your toddler stays on track with our Folding Travel Potty Seat. Practical and portable, it easily collapses for discreet transport in a diaper bag or tote. A sanitary option for moms and dads on the go!

Brand Story

By Graco

Recently used on a trip to Disney World with my 36 lb 2 year old. Works perfectly. Fits just fine on public restrooms. Only fell into the toilet once because my daughter was moving around way too much. Folds up perfectly and came with a reusable plastic bag. The bag also fit a small aerosol can of lysol that I spray after use. Made the trip so much easier. Worth every penny. Also as tips I still used the paper toilet seat covers underneath the potty seat so it wouldn't touch the toilets because I'm a huge germaphobe. And don't leave the child alone because if they squirm too much they will fall in! Even that didn't deter me from using or even from buying again if I had to.
By Monica V. Mollinedo May 26, 2016
This thing has come in handy so often while potty training my 3 year old daughter. She is scared of public restroom toilets and if we have this for her to sit on she will use the potty just like she does at home! If we forget this, forget it, she refuses. It keeps her from falling in and she can sit on it without me having to hold onto her. Folds up very compact. I have my daughter carry it in her small backpack.
By mommy2030 April 16, 2017
It's nice that it's small for travel, but it's rather difficult to keep it from sliding around on various sized toilet seats. Was completely unusable on the toilet seat of a cruise ship cabin, though my 2 year old thought it was fun to have it slide around while he was sitting on it while the boat was rocking.
By Jeremy H. March 25, 2016
Slides around on elongated, public toilet seats and flexes so much that my toddler just freaks out and refuses to go. I love that it folds up and the plastic packaging works as a travel case. Wish it was a better fit on public toilets which was the whole reason I purchased it.
By oboist0721 July 6, 2017
I have been researching a folding potty seat for my diaper bag and this one is fantastic. It locks into place when folded and unfolded so you don't worry that your child will fall into the toilet. The non-slip grip on the bottom works great too. Now there is really no excuse as I can train on the go. This has made training so much easier!
By lizzyfizzy November 6, 2015
This works just fine. Some of the other reviews were negative regarding this product because some customers said it didn't fit the toilet seat. Just fyi, this is not designed to fit the entire toilet seat. This is designed to give little ones a comfortable and hygienic way to use public restrooms. It is only supposed to fit the front part of a regular size toilet seat.
By Mimi May 14, 2018
bought for a road trip. my daughter was a little afraid of it at first, but it held her up. she weighs 35 lbs and is almost 4 years old. was nice to have in public restrooms. and when its folded it fits into a gallon size freezer bag and I could throw it into the diaper bag. nice to have!
By Katherine Wagner January 29, 2018
Makes taking a toddler and potty training easier when out...a must to make it easier at restaurants/stores for your little one to go to the bathroom. Only bad part is it doesn't cover all the toliet all the time but it's better than a balancing act
By Megan M. July 14, 2015