Pacific Concert Snare Drum (PDSN6514NAWH)

Pacific Concert Snare Drum (PDSN6514NAWH)

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  • 20-Ply Maple Shells
  • Thick Maple-Plied Counter hoops
  • True Pitch Tension Rods
  • MAG Throw-Off
  • Fully-Chromed Snare Wires, with Carbon Steel Coils and Brass End Plates

Just when you thought the we had gone as far as we could with wood hoop drums, PDP brings you the Concept Series 20-Ply Thick Wood Hoop Maple Snares. You won’t find instruments like these in the average drummer’s arsenal! These audacious, unique drums come in 5.5”x14” and 6.5”x14” sizes. Both are made from fat, 20-ply, maple shells and thick, maple-plied hoops, for an exceptionally punchy attack and a deep, musical tone. And just wait until you hear the round, full rimshot! Our Thick Wood Hoop Snares come in an elegant, natural satin finish. And like other Concept Series snares, these drums are outfitted with PDP’s dual-turret lugs, the innovative, MAG throw-off, DW’s True Pitch tension rods, and world-class drum heads from Remo. The snare wires are fully-chromed, with carbon steel coils and brass end plates, for exceptional texture and control. And naturally, they make a superb complement to our Concept Classic Wood Drum Kits and Tom Packs (sold separately)! Ready to go one step further with your snare drum? Make a bold choice with the PDP Concept Series 20-Ply Thick Wood Hoop Maple Snares.

Beautifully made. I love the thick shell.
Beautiful Finish. Looks and Sounds Great. Feels Great to play this drum.
By Robert J. October 9, 2018