Alexa Enabled Smart Sound Soother with Multi-Color Night Light for Children and Ok-to-Wake Feature, by Project Nursery

Alexa Enabled Smart Sound Soother with Multi-Color Night Light for Children and Ok-to-Wake Feature, by Project Nursery

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  • No need to wake a sleeping baby! Three ways to control: 1) Use the simple button controls on the product, 2) Use the Project Nursery Smart Sound Soother app on your phone, or 3) Use Alexa voice controls to control the soother from anywhere outside the nursery over WiFi
  • Works with any Amazon Alexa Voice Service speaker, including Echo and Echo Dot: Alexa voice-controlled functions include turning soother on/off, selecting sounds/lullabies, adjusting volume, changing nightlight color/brightness and setting timer
  • Ok-to-Wake feature is great for toddlers – colors and sounds (which you program) turn on when it is ok for your toddler to get out of bed and start their day
  • Easy set-up: 1) Set up and plug in soother, 2) Download app and set up your soother in the app, 3) Connect to 2.4Ghz WiFi network, 4) Activate Project Nursery Smart Soother Skill for Alexa in the Amazon Alexa App, 5) Set up Bluetooth Audio
  • All of the best features included: multi-color nightlight, 6 pre-loaded sounds/lullabies or stream music and stories wirelessly via Bluetooth from your smart device, Amazon Alexa voice controls, 15/30/60 minute timer, and ok-to-wake functionality

I really wish this worked better because its so portable and so cute! However I have a few major annoyances with this machine and I would not repurchase the item because of them.
1. The battery does not last all night. As a night time sound machine for babies/kids the battery should last at least 10-12 hours in my opinion.
2. When turning on the sound it for some reason, and only sometimes, resorts to FULL VOLUME startling my drowsy or previously sleeping baby. 3. I wish there was a simple off button to power everything down. Instead you have to turn the sound off by holding down the on/off/Bluetooth button for 3 seconds and then to turn off the lights you have to cycle through the different phases- I think that's cumbersome and it would be nice to have a quick button to turn off everything.
By Amber June 9, 2018
I needed a nightlight and new white noise machine for my kids' bedroom -- this one was so cute! I loved the fireflies motif. I use it with the "waves" sound and lights and it gives off really nice sound and light. Better than my previous white noise machine (one of the more popular ones on ). It feels robust and well-made, so if your kid wants to carry it around or have it close to them in bed, I would feel safe doing so.

There are a few flaws, however. I dislike that the cord it comes with is so short -- barely long enough to sit on top of the dresser and plug into the outlet close to the floor. If you have a particularly high dresser or shelf you wanted to put it on, this may not work for you. Just be prepared to either buy a different cord, or to have to charge it every day day and leave it unplugged at night. And then remember to plug it back in to charge every morning (not an ideal task to add to already tired parents!). I have no idea if the charge would even last all night with the lights and white noise on for 12 hours straight. My preference is to leave it on all night rather than use a built in timer, so I leave it plugged in.
It also annoys me when baby gadgets, like this one, come with a USB cord but they don't provide the wall plug along with it. So if you don't have an extra USB wall plug lying around, be prepared to spend a few more dollars in order to use this.
The fact that it connects to your phone via bluetooth is kind of neat, but also kind of gimicky. I didn't buy it for that purpose, and it's not really useful to me. Now, if there were an app through which I could actually CONTROL it remotely, and, say, turn off the white noise in the morning and switch it to the Frozen soundtrack to get my daughter to stay in bed a few more minutes...THAT would be amazing! But as such, this is just a bluetooth-enabled speaker. You also seem to have to go into the room and press a button on the speaker each time you want to enable the bluetooth, which really defeats the purpose for me. Might be useful if your child likes to fall asleep to the Frozen soundtrack, so you can set it and leave. But if your intention, like mine, is to use it for the white noise feature, then you likely won't find the bluetooth too useful.
By M January 27, 2018
This night light is even cuter in person and is very well made. I expected the handle to be plastic but it's actually a sturdy metal handle so I was able to hang it on a wall hook. The sound levels have great options for high sound or low sound depending on what you like. The Bluetooth signal is great and connects within seconds. This is one of my favorite purchases for the nursery.
By Sabrina s March 14, 2018
I'm a huge sound machine advocate and we love this sound machine for on the go. Baby hears the ocean waves and immediately pops his thumb in his mouth and relaxes. I'm thankful for the reviews that mentioned that you need to hold in the power button to turn it on because I may have also thought ours was broken if not for that. We've used it for two months now almost every day for car seat and stroller naps and it's still going strong on the first set of batteries.
By Amanda Stratmeyer June 11, 2018
This is a GREAT portable sound machine. After purchasing and returning a few portable machines I was thinking I may never find one that suits my needs, but alas... here she is! Clip works. Timer is a nice touch. Batteries last a fairly long time. And, best of all... it gets loud enough! I use in car seats, strollers, and basically anywhere on the go with my infants. I HIGHLY recommend! :)
By Critical Buyer July 12, 2018
This is seriously the best purchase I have ever made! Not only is the speaker on this amazing!, but it has blue tooth and it’s own stored soothing sounds!!! Everyone that has seen is in our nursery needs to know where to find it! The battery life is good and I love that it is usb rechargeable! I’ll be buying these for every baby shower gift from here on out! If I could give it 10*’s I would!
By Erin.E.McDonough November 8, 2017
This sound machine and night light combo are a great addition to any nursery or bedroom. The pre-loaded sounds and music are nice, although the play on a quick loop and can get annoying to listen to. The speaker for the Bluetooth works great. The nightlight "fireflies" are cute, but the lights are a little too bright. I wish there was a dimmer switch or less bright option. This is my biggest complaint for the product, it's just too bright for my liking.
By Kristen Perfetti May 4, 2018
The sound quality of this machine is way above other, larger ones we've bought previously. At lower volumes you get good clarity and a nice range of sound. The missing star in my review is due to the fact that it doesn't have an option to be rechargeable or accept an AC adapter. Other reviews tout long battery life with regular use, so we shall see!
By Jambrose August 3, 2018