Camp Chef 20qt Hot Water Pot 20 Qt. Hot Pot HWP20

Camp Chef 20qt Hot Water Pot 20 Qt. Hot Pot HWP20

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DECENT FEATURES of the Camp Chef 20qt Hot Water Pot Spigot style valve for easy dispensing Includes steel lid to retain heat Enamel coated steel for convenient cleaning Perfect for camping tailgating, parties and patio/backyard The SPECS Box Weight: 6 lbs Box Dimension: (L x W x H): 13 x 13 x 12"

We purchased this for an upcoming family camping trip next month.We decided to perform a trial run and it worked great!
It will be nice to have warm/hot water available for washing hands and dishes. We will also transfer warm water to out solar shower bag which will be a great way to clean grubby kiddos at days end. It took approximately 10-15 minutes for us to heat about 3 gallons of cold water to a nice warm/hot temp. Unfortunately the unit we purchased did have some minor dents on the bottom (reason for 4stars vs five). More a cosmetic issue than anything else. We decided to keep as it as it appears that this item is no longer available from Camp Chef. It is well made, spigot has a chrome finish and operates easily without drips or leaks. In closing this was a great purchase, looking back I don't know how we managed without it during our tent camping trips.
By Long Island Native May 4, 2013
Pretty crap quality, thin metal, and DANGER WILL ROBINSON, one of the two handles broke off on first use. Not ideal for something that generally carries boiling hot water... Looks like the spot welding of the handles was poorly done (bad robot, bad). Sadly I am too lazy to return it or search high and low for something better, just don't want to spend the time, so I just ensure I carry it with pads by the top lip and soldier on...

But seriously I'd NOT buy it if I didn't already have it. I worry that others might not be so lucky as to when a handle lets go. I see lawsuits aplenty in camp chef's future...
By Mark McCorry November 20, 2013
I've used this both while camping with my Scouts and while grilling in my driveway.
The pot does a great job holding plenty of hot water for dishes or washing hands.
It holds up to the brutal heat of a 60,000BTU flame and bouncing around in a trailer.
You do have to thread the spigot on tightly, but it works flawlessly.

If I could change one thing, I would install a larger spigot to fill wash basins more quickly.
By Benjamin Trotter June 2, 2013
Excellent product for camping, Horse Packing and the backyard BBQ. Allows for plenty of available hot water on hand for everything from tea water to doing the dishes. When put on a spare burner on a Big Camp Chef stove it's great to have sitting there all pre-warmed and ready to go for anything from meal prep to final clean up. They use to have similar ones on the market many decades ago and I thought they were a lost product. Glad to see some one thought to bring them back again. Great for a Chuck Wagon or Saddle Pack Camping when doing long trail rides with Pack Horses. When a group of riders comes into camp it's always welcome to have warm water ready for everyone to draw on.
By Easygoing379 July 19, 2011
Not correct item. Returning. Not enameled. Stainless Steel Version. Taking another look at the reviews and I see I am not the only one sent the wrong pan.
By Amazon Customer December 1, 2016
WE Love our Camp Chef 20 - qt. Hot Pot. It is a multi tasking work horse..
I keep it full of very hot water or what liquid I may need while I am canning fruits, veggies, meats and other food items. I am not having to continually fill a dutch oven or keep my kettle going and worrying about refilling and having hot water when I need it.
Camp Chef 20 - qt. Hot Pot]]It Can also be used to make up a batch of hot Bouillion , Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea or any hot beverage to serve to a crowd or you can have hot water ready whenever you need it.
It fits perfectly on our Volvano Stove /Grill and our stove top.
By Catherine D. August 12, 2011
This pot sure makes heating up anything liquid so d easy and Camp Chef is one impressive company with exceptional customer service - however....

My first pot arrived with much chipped enamel around the outside edges. All I could envision was a quick dose of rust setting in to these unprotected, now "unenameled" areas. Camp Chef was quick to send out another pot.
The 2nd one arrived quickly but suprisingly with even more damage than the 1st. I can tell that it happens in transit, as the plastic bag that the pot is packed in has collected all the gray enamel chips. It seems wasteful to pack the box in an additional 2nd protective box, - but that might be the only way to keep the enamel intact while shipping.

Anyway - I didn't call Camp Chef with the 2nd pot update, -I'll keep this one and just see how it holds up.
I am glad to say that neither had leaky spigots and it's easy to place the spigot on the front of the pot. (Sold and packed with spigot in pot, just a simple 1 min. task to put it together)
By Darva Kinney June 5, 2012
We use this at every Scout campout where we are within walking distance of the cars. Holds enough hot water to keep 40 Scouts in Hot Cocoa and still have hot water for tea and coffee. Keeps the water clean too since nobody needs to open the top except to add more water.
By J. Queenan April 26, 2014