Joseph Joseph 60002 Cut & Carve Multi-Function Cutting Board, Large, Black

Joseph Joseph 60002 Cut & Carve Multi-Function Cutting Board, Large, Black

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  • Double sided, multi-functional chopping board
  • Angled cutting surface helps to drain and collect juice while carving meat, crumbs while slicing bread, etc.
  • One side of the board has a meat grip; juices and crumbs can be easily poured from rounded corner
  • Features non-slip feet and soft-grip sides
  • Measures 14-1/2 by 11-1/2 by 0-3/4-Inch; dishwasher safe

I find myself using this for everything, with the lip on this cutting board it catches everything keeping all material on the board and not all over the kitchen. When you cut it does leave some small marks on the board but not any different than any other made from the same type of material. I do not find this to be a problem. I love the board, I cut ribs on this yesterday all the juice stayed right on the board, just cant beat that design feature. It flips over and you have a square of molded in meat points to hold everything in place while you cut, this also is a great feature. Its also easy to clean, I am giving this a five star rating with form and function perfect in my opinion. Going to add a picture of the ribs being cut on it.
By Gary December 23, 2013
So the cutting board is well made but I would think about what you want to use it for and if you want your knives on it. The board is hard...knives leave cuts in the board. This is not a “jelly” type of board.

The “angle” is in both sides. The side with the pegs to hold meat is okay. We tried to use it to hold a roast to cut meat but knife would “skip” on pegs and the pegs are a bit sharp The fact the board is in an angle with the deep lip is wonderful...we just won’t be using our good knives to cut on it. The pegs are fine to hold a roast you may be fork shredding.

We mostly use the board to cut watermelon on the plain side of the board...not having watermelon juice running all over the counter is wonderful. I posted a picture of the board after I had just cut a watermelon. Hopefully you can see how the juices are held on the board. Honestly that’s what we mostly cut on the board.

We always run the board through the dishwasher and color has not faded nor has the board warped or otherwise changed shape.

I wouldn’t buy a second one but I won’t be donating it either. The watermelon use is good enough for me :)
By Our Family July 12, 2018
I got this after our Thanksgiving turkey oozed juice all over the counter on a smaller cutting board with a tiny 'trough' around the edges. This is excellent for catching all that juice so you could use it for gravy or at least not have to clean up your counter after carving. He used this for the next large roast and it worked great! The only slight down side is that your knife will cut into the spikes if you're cutting something like a pork/beef roast where the knife is going all the way down to the board (as opposed to cutting a breast off poultry). Next time we'll adjust the meat as we cut so we aren't cutting right over the spikes. It may not hold really big turkeys, if there was a larger one that would be even better.
By Mad Scientist February 8, 2016
I really like this cutting board. When you cut a very juicy piece of meat it does a much better job of catching the juices than a shallow trough ever does. The side with the bumps on it to make the item you are cutting stay in place does not work well though. The item does not move, but they get in the way of your knife. So we simply use the plain side. My mom liked it so much that she wanted one too.
By carol December 4, 2016
This is the ultimate cutting board. There isn't anything I don't like about it. The board stays put on the granite counter top, the raised edges keep my food from flying off the board and the tilt allows all the juices to stay on the board. If I'm cutting fruit that is really juicy like grapefruit I can then pour the juice out to use in the salad dressing. I liked it so much I bought three of them in different colors for different purposes. Whoever designed this board really knew what a cook needs in the kitchen.

Having two sides, one with grippers for the food is brilliant.

It is just the right size and the raised edges do not interfere with the knife. I would give this thing 10 stars if I could.
By JMSAZ November 8, 2013
Great size.. I use it any time I cut.. sides catch the juice.. points keep things from sliding around while I cut.. It is large enough for cutting a watermelon, yet light enough for every day..Couldn't be happier!
It washes up so easily that I don't bother putting it in the dishwasher.. I have had it for about 5 months so far and now my daughter wants one for her home..
By wolfriend July 16, 2018
After destroying numerous wooden carving boards I wanted a plastic board with a juice well for roasts, etc.. This Joseph Joseph works well and I haven't had a leak since I got it. The little spikes hold the food. The only down side is that the plastic get cut up easily so it looks worn quickly. I guess that's better than destroying my knives, however. Recommended!
By Mat April 28, 2014
I will be tossing two other cutting boards which I have used for cutting things which either slide around on a board or release too many juices and ooze onto my counter. This is wonderful! I first saw it at a relative's house,and she said that she uses it all the time because of its versatility. The sharpish pegs on one side keep our ham, roasts, and chicken in place, and the other side is smooth for cutting anything else. The surface of the board slants to one long side, and I had not realized until I bought it that it does the same on the other side. This is great for collecting the juices, crumbs, or sliced and diced things off to one side. There is no down-side to this product.
By J. Bitney May 10, 2013