Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Chef Knives, 8-Inch World Kitchen (PA) 1102853

Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Chef Knives, 8-Inch World Kitchen (PA) 1102853

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  • Innovative grip that guides your hand for superior control and cutting
  • Ultra sharp for effortless cutting
  • High quality japanese steel blades
  • Laser etched dots on the bolster
  • Full lifetime warranty with every knife

Style Name:Chef Knife

Chicago Cutlery DesignPro 8-Inch Chef Knife

Chicago Cutlery Heritage

Dating back to the early 20th century and the Chicago stockyards, the Chicago Cutlery's roots began as a knife sharpening service dedicated exclusively to the city's professional butchers who depended on having the sharpest and most durable knives. Today, Chicago Cutlery products bring that same exciting approach to your kitchen. We stand behind our quality and craftsmanship with our professional quality stainless steel blades that are sharpened for precision cutting and our full lifetime warranty. We take this professional approach to creating a full line of quality cutting tools for one reason - to create a dependable and effortless cutting experience for you.

The DesignPro Series

The Chicago Cutlery DesignProTM knives feature an innovative grip that guides your hand to the optimal position on the knife for superior control and cutting. The laser etched dots on the bolster make it easy for you to know exactly where to place your fingers and hold the knife so you can experience the same cutting performance as a professional chef. All Chicago Cutlery DesignProTM knives are ultra-sharp and have high quality, Japanese steel blades for an easy and effortless cutting experience. The unique bolster combined with the steel and black polymer handles give you a sleek and contemporary knife design. DesignProTM's contoured handles makes these knives comfortable to hold.

Chicago Cutlery DesignProTM knives offer a full assortment of knives for all your chopping and cutlery needs. The collection includes 6 individual knives � 8" Chef, 8" Scalloped Bread, 7" Santoku, 5" Serrated Utility, 5" PartokuTM � a combination of a Santoku and Parer which is perfect for smaller hands, and a 3.25" Parer. All Chicago Cutlery DesignProTM knives are available in blade protectors for convenient and safe storage. Every knife comes with a full lifetime warranty.

The 8-Inch Chef Knife

An essential knife for every kitchen. Chop, slice and dice all fruits, vegetables and meat.

Full Lifetime Warranty

World Kitchen promises to repair or replace, or at World Kitchen's option, exchange for an item of equal or greater value any CHICAGO CUTLERY knife of shears with defects in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the product. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligence, misuse, abuse, institutional/commercial use or use for purposes other than normal household use. This warranty does not cover wood blocks or wood cutting boards.

Knife Care

  • For best results, hand wash your knives with soap and water and dry immediately.
  • Soaking wood handled knives in water can remove the natural oils from the handles.
  • DO NOT put knives in the dishwasher. Dishwasher use may cause nicks on the blade edges. Additionally, the heat and detergent may have a corrosive effect on the knives and damage the handle.
  • DO NOT cut through bone with knives or use knives to poke, pry, or separate frozen foods.
  • DO NOT use knives as screwdrivers or can openers. This is not their intended purpose and can bend or break the blade or edge.

Holding and Using DesignPro Knives

Innovative Control Grip guides your hand to the best position on the knife for superior control and cutting.
Place thumb on control grip dots. .
Place index finger on the opposite side along the grip. .

Sharpening Knives

Sharpeners are not for use on scalloped or serrated edges. For optimum performance, knives should be sharpened after every couple of uses. Use a scouring powder after use to clean and remove metal particles from your sharpening steel. After cleaning the steel, rinse with water, dry it thoroughly, and store in a dry place.

  • Hold sharpening steel point down on flat, stable surface such as a tale or cutting board.
  • Angle knife blade approximately 15 degrees from the sharpening steel.
  • Imagine the knife blade is at approximately 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock.
  • Pull the knife down and across the sharpening steel in a slight arc, pulling the knife handle toward you. Repeat on the other side of the steel.
  • Repeat these steps 8-9 times, alternating the right and left side of the cutting edge.
This is my favorite knife. I have even purchased additional ones for friends :) The Cookbook author Miyoko Schinner shared this knife with me when we were at her home last month. She has a very big chef knife collection, a whole drawer of them, but this is her favorite and she uses it about 90% of the time in her kitchen. I find it a very nice weight and it is incredibly sharp and precise. :)
By Josh Meckel January 12, 2016
This is the second cutlery set I've bought from Chicago Cutlery. First one was in 2013 for my mother, she still loves it and has had no problem with the knives even though she hardly ever remembers to sharpen them. They've held on very well, no rust and only once knife has significantly lost it's edge, however after using a shaprening stone plus a typical 2-stage sharpening tool I was able to get it sharp again.

I bought this set for my own personal use when it was on sale and I like this set a bit more than what I bought for my mom which had the same amount of knives. This set has more weight to it, especially the steak knives. All the knives a good weight to them that make them feel sturdy and like there's a lot of metal in the piece.

Overall I'm very satisfied with Chicago Cutlery knives, I also have a Wusthof Classic 8" Cook's Knife and I gotta say the quality so far has been quite the same between both brands. Just keep the knives in shape by hand washing and occasionally sharpening.

I highly recommend Chicago Cutlery
By JGtz April 1, 2016
Awesome knife set from the use I've gotten out of it so far might be one of the last sets I will ever buy. The rolled steel notation refers to the knife style. There is no half tang or full tang it's all one piece. Even the knife handles are molded to the steel. They have ran through the dishwasher with no problem other than light soap residue on the rubber handles. My set has had surface rust (after sitting in water for a prolonged period). But, it was easily removed with dish soap and a non scratch brush. Note the four knives at the base are serrated steak knives. The scissors are also quality and are almost as sharp as my tin snips which is pretty surprising. Even the base is quality wood. All in all the best value I could find.
By S McGee March 18, 2016
Fantastic! I had never used a balanced set of knives before. It makes a big difference. I have been using this set of knives for over a year now, and I am still extremely pleased with how much easier it is to chop, dice, etc. And Chicago Cutlery really stands behind their product. The day I opened the box, one of the knives (the Japanese one used for slicing things like cheese) slipped out of its sleeve and fell to the floor. It fell point down. Talk about balanced. It just stayed there on its point and never fell over. Unfortunately my floor (under the carpet) is a concrete slab. The tip of the knife bent. I knew it was probably a long shot but I called Chicago Cutlery to see if the warranty covered this situation. It didn't. However, Chicago Cutlery sent me a replacement knife anyway! What a great company, and they produce a quality product. If you're looking to purchase kitchen knives go to Chicago Cutlery. Their prices are really reasonable too, especially in comparison to some other knife companies.
By MaryAnn N July 17, 2017
These are the nicest knives I've owned in 45 years of marriage. Never knew how horrible my Faberware knives were until I got these. They are made of quality steel but yet not too heavy. Each knives cuts through everything like it's cutting through butter. I love that they do not have the wooden handles that dry out and crack even though I never put them in the dishwasher. Great product.
By D. Brown February 15, 2016
I bake bread often and have several bread knives with a variety of serrated edges. This is my all-time favorite knife for soft crusted yeast breads because the sharp scalloped edge glides easily through the top crust without pulling or tearing. Great purchase.

Edit, March 14, 2018: Over the last year, this bread knife has become my very favorite for slicing all types of bread. It has stayed very sharp, is the most comfortable to hold, and just a pleasure to own and use. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase another if anything ever happened to this one.
By Diane March 3, 2017
Well balanced. This knife arrived sharp, and chops effortlessly. My needs are pretty simple, so there's not much more to say. It feels sturdy and well made. And feels good in my hand.

Very minor feedback: This feels too "deep" a blade to call it partoku. I'd call it santoku.
By Rob J Vargas May 16, 2017
Quite probably the best knife I have ever used. Perfect fit for my small hands. And sharp!! Requires very little effort to cut through anything. Meat or veggie products no problem. I even craved a BBQ chicken without issue. Removing those aggravating legs and wings was a snap. I first used this knife in a vacation house of all places and thought "Wow, I have to have this." I found and purchased the product through of course. My go to place when I'm looking for something special. I then ordered and sent the same knife to my son-in-law who fell in love with it too. It arrived earlier than promised, packaged perfectly to protect the blade. A win, win, win in my opinion. Since I was familiar with the product there were no surprises just appreciation of the knife. I highly recommend this product.
By Tessie July 10, 2013