Giantex Female Mannequin Stand Dress Form Egghead Plastic Full Body Display with Base, 6 Ft (Black,Casual Two Hands Mannequin) HW55367BK

Giantex Female Mannequin Stand Dress Form Egghead Plastic Full Body Display with Base, 6 Ft (Black,Casual Two Hands Mannequin) HW55367BK

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  • Giantex 6 Ft plastic female mannequin. Perfect to fit all sophisticated clothing stores and studios.
  • Last Long Using: Featuring Plastic body and aluminum stent, this female mannequin is durable for long term use.
  • Suitable For Daily Dispaly: Designed to keep your fashions up to date, this female mannequin is easy to dress as styles change featuring detachable arms,head,and torso.
  • Steay Mannequins: Rectangular Iron base offers stability, Easy for assembling within 5 Minutes.
  • Dimensions: Height: 6 Ft,Chest: 32.3",Waist:24",Hip:33.9 ",Package includes: 1 x Female mannequin, 1 x Mental Base Plate.

* This mannequin came scraped in two or three places. See photos. Not a big deal for me because I am going to cover it in clothing. I am asking for a partial refund. I'll come back here and update with the result.

To make your life easier with this mannequin, follow these steps:

1. Take a photo of how this comes packaged in the box; it will allow you to repack it without becoming confused, or frustrated how the pieces are supposed to fit. It's like a jigsaw. If this mannequin will be traveling to different locations, you will be repacking this all the time.

2. Do not throw away the foam bags. Mark them in permanent marker with the labels for the corresponding body parts, i.e. 'left arm', 'right leg'. Putting the body parts back in their respective bags will minimize the amount of scratching they experience during travel and storage. Likewise, do not throw away the cardboard sleeve for the metal stand. Keep it to repack the metal sheet. It could easily scratch the finish on any piece if not covered.

3. The seams on the foam bags tear very easily. Take strips of packing tape and cover them. Go lengthwise with the tape alongside the seams; half the tape on one side of the bag, and half on the other. It will take a bit of work and coordination, but it's worth it because they will last much, much longer. If the seams tear, the bags are virtually useless for protecting the body parts.

4. Be gentle with taking the arms off. You could snap the hasps if you are not paying attention.

5. The stand is heavy, and seems quite solid.
By TWI April 10, 2018
I am thrilled with my mannequin and will be buying more very soon! She was easy to put together, and has movable parts, she's beautiful! I make jewelry and she will be one of my models
By Lisette Root February 3, 2018
Item was exactly as described. Very photogenic and elegant. The base was indeed heavy and keeps good stability. Great value for the price. A little difficult when dressing with pants but dresses and necklaces are a breeze ! Highly recommend
By Eva Tamez May 12, 2018
Love this Mannequin for Reselling on Poshmark. (StarsFashion) Very easy to remove arms. Lightweight. Don’t sleep on it. She is a size XS-Small.
By Starry March 13, 2018
Light weight which is great but the arms are hard to remove and I fear I’ll break every time.
By Jesse Lander May 12, 2018
The mannequin was everything I expected the only thing that I really wasn’t a fan of is scratches and paint peeling of the item when I received it. Looked like it was dropped before if I’m gonna pay so much for this then I want it to be in great condition not mild condition.
By Leonardo chavez May 13, 2018
Just received today at 4:20pm &
I. AM. IN. LOVE. I haven't assembled yet but everything is in the box minus instructions which ,we'll is super easy to get. One thing there is a cream SCUFF on the behind/bum .I have some pics but hopefully it won't matter. So far everything is fine
By Amazon Customer March 13, 2018
Love this mannequin, very petite, she wears about a 3 jeans and a small blouse, but wears it well. She is perfect in my Boutique. I will buy more. I actually love the fact that she is headless, it’s a nice look.
By Autumn February 21, 2018