FurHaven Pet Furniture Cover | Sofa Buddy Reversible Furniture Cover Protector Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats - Available in 3 Colors & Sizes Gray/Mist Medium Furhaven Pet Products Inc.

FurHaven Pet Furniture Cover | Sofa Buddy Reversible Furniture Cover Protector Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats - Available in 3 Colors & Sizes Gray/Mist Medium Furhaven Pet Products Inc.

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  • Water-resistant cover protects furniture and upholstery
  • Reversible for multiple looks
  • Soft but supportive bolsters for a sense of security while your pet is resting
  • Easy to install with cushion anchors to ensure stability
  • Machine washable in cold water on delicate cycle. Do not bleach. Line dry or tumble dry low. Medium - 30" x 26" x 8" (sleep surface - 30" x 12.75" x 8")

Color:Gray/Mist  |  Size:Medium  |  Style:Sofa Buddy

Protecting your couch and providing a comfortable space for your companion to rest, the Sofa Buddy Pet Bed Furniture Cover is the answer to damaged upholstery and undesired pet hair! This dog bed lets you keep the quality of your furniture while still being able to stay close to your companion. With the Sofa Buddy, everybody is comfortable! Easy to install, this dog bed is equipped with cushion anchors to ensure stability. Simply push the anchors deep into your couch cushion to secure the Sofa Buddy. With the cushion anchors, your pet can situate and get comfortable without any worry of the furniture cover, and your loved one, falling off the sofa. With three color options, it’s easy to find a Sofa Buddy that will match your unique home decor. Each cover has two colors and are reversible so that you’re able to find the perfect shade. Along with preventing messy build up, the Sofa Buddy is water-resistant. Your furry best friend will love having their own comfortable couch right next to you! Three sue dine bolsters provide comfort, support, and security for your companion. They allow your pup to lay down in a variety of ways on this soft furniture cover while supplying a comfy headrest. Whether your buddy is napping or just hanging out, the Sofa Buddy Pet Bed Furniture Cover will give them the space and comfort they deserve while you get the coverage your furniture so desperately needs. Colors: Espresso/Clay, Navy/Light Blue, Gray/Mist Sizes and Dimensions: Small - 18" x 26" x 8" (sleep surface - 18" x 12.75" x 8")Medium - 30" x 26" x 8" (sleep surface - 30" x 12.75" x 8")Large - 42" x 26" x 8" (sleep surface - 42" x 12.75" x 8")Extra Large - 54" x 26" x 8" (sleep surface - 54" x 12.75" x 8").

OK, so we have a LaZBoy recliner sofa and loveseat. I purchased this item which is supposed to fit sofas the same size as ours. This however does not even come close to fitting our sofa. It's way too short width-wise everywhere. The sides where the little foam grabber things are supposed to get stuck down into the couch don't even reach both sides. The strap that goes around the back of the couch was stretched so tight that it was squishing the couch cushion on the edges and I'm quite sure the strap would've broke if we would've left it on there. I can't even begin to imagine what this thing would look like on an overstuffed couch! That is the ONLY reason for the 4 stars.

That being said - we put this sofa sized one on our loveseat and it's almost perfect on there. It covers the entire loveseat and the little foam things you stick down into the sides and back of the couch actually work quite well. This is the only furniture cover we've found that actually stays in place reasonably well. We have a Great Dane, a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. With all 3 dogs getting up on the couch with this cover, we've only had to adjust the piece that goes over the back of the couch a couple of times but it has otherwise stayed where it was supposed to pretty well.

If there was a larger size that actually fit sofas, I would not hesitate to purchase several of these to have on hand!
By T. Vrba November 7, 2016
It is exactly what it says it is. Great fabric, well made, perfect size and colors. I got the medium size. My dog, Kilo pictured is 50lbs and fits nicely on it.
By Eric Kleisler September 27, 2017
This cover was actually amazing, until my dog ate it.......... I have one chair where the corgis seem to congregate on and well, they shed like it is their job. The chair is one of those big comfy ones so I bought the loveseat size. This looked great, was easier to clean than vacuuming the chair and trying to get fur out of crevices. I would just toss it in the dryer on no heat for a few minutes and then clean the lint trap. Also made prepping for guests much easier. The foam/elastic bands hold it in place even with rowdy puppies jumping on and off, but don't hold up to being eaten. Which is completely acceptable....
By DTirelli March 7, 2017
I was going nuts trying to keep my couch clean of dog hair. This was a little more than I wanted to spend, especially given I didn’t know if she would actually lay on it, but it’s great! She usually goes right to her new little spot
By Allison March 17, 2018
My mini dachsie loves it. Fits our wing back chair perfectly. Is well made. The bolsters need a little support like they would have in a close fitting chair.
By Scott T Anderson September 7, 2017
Fit is pretty awful and I found these to be of thinner construction than expected. They're comfortable enough and the dogs like them too. They look like moving pads, so they might not fit everyone's taste. Considering the alternative -- pet hair, mud, drool, and dirt -- they look pretty good!

Instructions would be nice. Figuring out what to do with the strap was a challenge. Hint: It connects to the front of the seat back and wraps around back.
By Rick October 4, 2016
I thought it would be a little bigger.

If I had to do it again I might by the extra large for my Labrador but he'll make the large work. He's just happy to have a spot on the couch. The anchors come with the product which are tucked into the sofa cushion are a creative and useful touch.
By AmazonKH January 8, 2018
I was expecting supreme quality (waterproof, etc) for that price. A bit disappointed since it is just fabric stuffed with pillows. Nothing a well skilled person couldn't replicate with materials found at your local craft store for less than $10 dollars. You can find similar products much cheaper elsewhere.
By DC BOS May 13, 2017