Paracord Planet Line Winder Rope Organizer - Several Colors Available - Prevents Tangles, Knots and Kinks in your Paracord - Spool Tool for Multiple Uses

Paracord Planet Line Winder Rope Organizer - Several Colors Available - Prevents Tangles, Knots and Kinks in your Paracord - Spool Tool for Multiple Uses

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  • FRUSTRATION FREE WINDER: Removes the frustration of twisted and tangled lines so you aren't wasting valuble time untangling lines and ropes!
  • BUILT-IN HANDLE: The built-in handle makes it easy to coil rope, cord, string, yarn, extension cords, holiday lights and more onto the line winder for easy organization and line storage!
  • BUILT TOUGH FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS: This line winder is a Tough, Flexible, High-Impact, and Heat-Resistant polypropylen plastic structure that floats! Making it perfect for water based and dry storage!
  • BUILT INTO THE ROPE OGANIZER is an easy-to-use Cord Hook for starting and ending points to maintain organization; as well as a convenient hook hole on the handle for storage.
  • GREAT FOR MORE THAN JUST YOUR AVERAGE CORD: Works great for any Paracord, Rope, Cord, Cable, Wire, Line, anchor line, anchor rope, electric cables or cords, Christmas Lights and more!

Quit wasting important time untangling lines and ropes! This classic style paracord rope cord winder makes it easy to wind up and organize your ropes, extension cords, electronic wires, clotheslines, and even Holiday lights in no time! A line winder is an essential tool in any crafting studio, shop, boat, shed, or garage. This line-winder also works great for boat recreation as well! Neatly stow away your anchor lines, mooring lines, ski ropes tube lines, and tow ropes. These Paracord Planet winders are constructed of a high impact polypropylene plastic and engineered with you in mind, with a rugged built-in carry handle extra long service. Available in 6 colors you are sure to find one (or more) that fit your needs perfectly!

Dimensions: 5.75in x 5.75in

-Prevents Tangles, Knots, Recoils and Kinks
-Flexible, Heat Resistant Plastic that Floats
-Easy to Use Cord Hook Works for Ropes, Cords, Wires and more
-Available Colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Green and White

I use mine for an anchor line system for my kayak to manage the paracord that would be such a mess with out it. Helps keep all that line nicely compact and orderly The notches and holes are very useful for securing the paracord and adding a carabiner or two depending on how you want to rig it up. If your the crafting type I could see this being a good storage option and a good dispenser as you need it.
By FireRob June 7, 2017
Was planning on using it to wrap an anchor line that I use for my jetski's. It is just too small and flimsy for my application. I gave it 2 stars because the handle part is thin and weak compared to the rest of it. The picture makes it look much stronger than what it really is.
By J. Deguzman August 24, 2018
Perfect size and good strong ABS material for portable mast guy lines and Hexbeam wires. Thought that 20 units would last a lifetime, but only 2 are remaining after organizing my portable operation gear. Definitely will be buying more!
By BG_NorCal July 27, 2018
I use this as a reel for my paracord/anchor on my kayak. Works well but it's rather large and cheap. I'm gonna just get a mason's line reel. They are smaller and more effective in my opinion. I'm sure this serves a purpose, just not mine.
By Tibbles McCumsies July 24, 2017
Kinda weak, a little flimsey, good price, would rather pay a little more for a sturdy item.
By jacpotscot1 October 29, 2017
Pretty handy way to store paracord, which I always seem to tangle when undoing a length.
By Michael F. Sullivan October 4, 2017
Is what it is and does what it says.
By Don October 3, 2018
I uses this to store my snchor line for my kayak. Works well.
By Michael Dozier June 17, 2017